Here are the top 10 reasons why adding an electric fireplace to your house will add value, atmosphere, and a touch of style.


Most rooms up to 400 square feet can be heated by an electric fireplace. If you have a room that could use some more heat, an electric fireplace is a terrific solution. Just keep in mind that the quantity of heat required to stay comfortable is affected by a variety of factors. The age of the house, the kind of construction, the condition and size of windows and doors, the insulation levels, the orientation to the south, the prevalent winter wind direction, and the geographic location are all relevant considerations. Best electric fireplaces have a heating element that can provide up to 1800 watts or 5000 BTUs of heat, which is sufficient for a small or moderate-sized area.


An electric fireplace has a low running cost. With the heat turned off, an electric heater will only cost cents a day to run. Of course, there will be more if the heated element is activated. The cost is determined by how many hours you use your fireplace and how much you pay for energy. Without the heating element turned on, a dime a day is very usual. With the heat on, you may expect to pay between $1.00 and $2.50 each day.


Electric fireplaces have evolved in an unusual way. Electric fireplaces used to be unimpressive. In fact, having one in your home is nearly shameful. The “flames” and shine appeared very fake. Some had crimson ribbons blown by a fan to create the illusion of flickering flames! The “ember glow” was made up of incandescent light bulbs enclosed in a red plastic component. Today’s electrics are in completely another league. For amazing and colorful 3D effects, most use a system that involves LED lights bouncing off revolving metal strips.


An electric fireplace does not require any ventilation. A vent pipe is required for gas fireplaces. A chimney is required for wood fireplaces and stoves. Electricity does not necessitate either! The lack of a vent or chimney pipe implies reduced initial equipment costs and more installation alternatives. Other than washing the glass with a conventional glass cleaner on a regular basis, no maintenance is necessary. In terms of the glass, it will not become excessively heated. Glass on wood and gas equipment can get dangerously hot. This is not the case with an electric fireplace.



Electric fireplaces come in a variety of sizes and forms. Sizes suitable for insertion into an open-fired wood fireplace. Traditional sizes and styles work well in a living room. For a more modern look, choose linear versions that are 12″ high and up to six feet long. For those unique projects, corner, see-through, and free-standing stove versions are all available.


An electric fireplace is controlled by simple remote control. You’ll need around a half-minute to master the remote control if you can change stations, mute, and adjust the volume on your TV. The remote can turn on and off the heat, modify the brightness of the lighting effects, change the liveliness of the flame pattern, and change the color spectrum.


Media choices are materials that improve the fireplace’s flames and lighting effects. Logs were once the sole option for enhancing the look of a fireplace. Today, though, you have a plethora of possibilities! Glimmering fire glass in a variety of hues will transform the fireplace into a modern piece of art! Cut glass shines like diamonds! Birch, oak, driftwood, or charred logs provide a more classic appearance. Alternatively, combine different colors and logs to create a one-of-a-kind look. Sorry, but the dancing red ribbons are no longer available!


If you want a modern style, the distinctive effects of today’s electric fireplaces are absolutely spectacular. Several hues of gleaming fire glass give a spellbinding effect. Remember, you can switch off the heat with a simple click of the remote and enjoy your “moving wall art” all year!


A wonderful incentive to acquire an electric fireplace is the convenience and variety of installation. Because no fuel is burnt, no chimney or vent pipe is necessary. An electric fireplace may be put in almost any place in your home. Electric fireplaces can be hung or mounted on a wall, or they can be sunken into a wall. What about putting one in the bathroom or bedroom? Perhaps a dining room or a huge wall along an open stairwell? Of course, there’s always the family room or den to fall back on. All that is required is an electric supply line. An electric fireplace does not require any clearances to combustibles.


One great aspect that many people like is that you can use the fireplace in warmer weather as well! Simply turn on the fireplace while leaving the heating element off. You’ll be able to use your fireplace all year. Try it with a wood, gas, or pellet stove! A click of the remote will switch off the heat if you want the atmosphere and effects but not the heat. This allows you to experience the unique feeling and ambiance provided by your Perfect electric fireplace all year long, rather than only during the heating season. In warm weather, use the remote to adjust the blues and purples. The fireplace will therefore deliver a cooling effect subliminally! In July, enjoy your gorgeous fireplace while your central air conditioning is operating!

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