Why Should You Compare Health Insurance In Switzerland?

Having basic health insurance in Switzerland is mandatory for every individual who lives there. The government actively provides services, and operating agencies ensure that every country’s citizen has health insurance. Countries like Switzerland are highly dedicated to making their homeland disease-free. This is why the healthcare system of Switzerland is known to be the best across the globe. However, the Swiss government encourages individuals to perform insurance comparisons to maximize benefits. Hence in this article, we will be exploring the reasons to compare health insurance in Switzerland.

Benefits Of Comparing Health Insurance In Switzerland

Here we will be looking into certain benefits that you will receive once you compare different health insurance premiums and companies. Let us see a few of them: 

Learn Differences Between Services And Performance

The comparison allows you to find critical differences between insurers and their services. For example, how long insurance takes to distribute the insurance premium in your accounts, customer support quality, provisions of direct/indirect settlements.

With comparison, you get clear insights into the performance of different insurance, for example, flexibility in billing, ways to deliver critical information, nature of employees, etc. 

Potential for higher savings

Individuals need to regularly compare health insurance in Switzerland as premium offers remarkably vary from month to month. When you lay out a comparison between different premium options, it gives you a chance to determine your potential savings. Also, the availability of health insurance calculators makes it easy for you to perform comparisons. Knowing the differences in premium costs will help you determine whether changing your insurance company is worth it. 

Health insurance companies tend to make changes in their coverage offers each year. Last year, premium coverage of health insurance for adults did rise by an average of 3.4%. Aside from this, there was a rise of 1.2% in health insurance premiums for children. Due to this, it causes a considerable burden on the fundings of household insurance. However, many individuals do not shift their health insurance, missing out on the remarkable chance for savings.

Get affordable premiums

When you regularly compare health insurance policies in Switzerland, you always get the chance to leverage affordable premiums. When your current health insurance seemingly increases the costs of premiums, you can easily switch to a more affordable insurer. 

It is an excellent opportunity that you should not let go of. By making a comparison, you can easily save up to 200 francs monthly with your Basic health insurance. If you want to cut down your premium cost further, you can also compare your supplementary insurances. Hence, you can secure several hundred Swiss francs with a single evaluation. 

Get affordable premium for Canton of residence

By performing a comparison between health insurance premiums in Switzerland, you can get access to insurers that charge premiums at a lower cost for your Canton of residence. Although the cheap premium costs seem to be a perfect factor in switching your insurance company, there are also other factors that you must consider. Some factors include types of benefits that the respective insurance provider offers, availability of additional services, flexibility for shifting health insurance plans, etc.

Leverage different insurance models

The laws and regulations regarding health insurance determine the Basic insurance advantages. Aside from the Standard tariff, you can consider many insurance models. Some of them include HMO models, GP models, and Telmed models. However, you might not find all types of models in every health insurance company. Hence, by performing a comparison with the help of a calculator or the comparison website, you can quickly check out insurers that offer models of your preference. 

Get better options for deductible rates

The premium amount also relies upon the rate of deductible. The deductible rate usually reaches at least 300 Swiss francs per calendar year. The monthly premium expenses tend to drop when you select a higher franchise. With the help of an insurance calculator, you can discover the franchise of your choice. Also, you can check out how your provider measures the deductible rates and what kind of options they provide across different insurance companies in the country. 


Hopefully, now you are aware of all the benefits you get by comparing different health insurance premiums in Switzerland. The benefits are the reason one should always compare different options. Aside from this, it should be your goal to receive as many advantages regarding potential savings. Further, you can use these savings for your other insurance plans. Hence, you can successfully secure every aspect of your life. If available, download the app of your respective agencies to stay up-to-date with changes in premium plans. A simple comparison can go long regarding money savings and broader health coverage.

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