Why Cost-Savvy Car Owners Use Custom-Sized Heavy-Duty Tarps to Protect their Cars

Your car’s “brand-new” condition will suffer the most when it’s sitting idle. UV rays from the sun will destroy your car’s exterior paint. But, these damages take place over months and years. Before car owners notice, their car’s clear coats are broken down by ultraviolet rays. Microscopic scratches caused by dust, winds, animal droppings, and other pollutants make matters worse.

Some experts advise car owners to spend extra on installing ceramic coatings on their cars’ surfaces. Although ceramic coatings offer instant protection from UV rays and other pollutants, these coatings are temporary. They last 2-3 years and are very expensive. Thankfully, there are easier and cheaper ways of mitigating the risks your cars face.

For many years, car owners have used car covers to protect their cars when they’re parked outdoors or inside garages. Now, heavy-duty tarps are seen as the best barrier for car owners against dirt, UV rays, debris, and other risks. Here’s why savvy car owners are using tarps, not ready-made car covers, to protect their cars.

Custom Sizes with Customizable Vinyl Tarps

The first-factor car owners must consider before purchasing car covers or tarps is size. If your car cover doesn’t completely enclose your car, it won’t offer 100% protection. Car owners typically have to shop for car covers on the basis of “universal” sizes. These covers are made to fit a wide range of small/big vehicles.

That’s why car owners often end up purchasing covers that don’t perfectly fit their cars. On the contrary, car owners get total customization control when they’re shopping for vinyl tarps. Vinyl tarps come in all sizes, designs, shapes, etc. Tarp-makers offer personalized, snug-fitting tarps that perfectly fit their customers’ vehicles.

Total Protection from the Elements with Vinyl Tarps

The fabric of the car cover that protects your vehicle is also an important factor to consider. The best car covers have two layers –

  • The outer protective layer is typically made of hard, long-lasting synthetic fabrics. Since this layer comes in close contact with external elements, it needs to be as abrasion-resistant as possible.
  • The second layer is inner soft cotton or synthetic layer. This layer is gentle on the car paint.

Although these two layers of car covers combine to give cars amazing protection, they’re not flawless. Vinyl tarps on the other hand are industrial-grade protective covers. They can withstand years of UV damage, countless tears, and long periods of moisture damage. Simple car covers are not designed to have these additional protective qualities.

The Style Consideration

With typical car covers, car owners have very few styles or design options. Vinyl tarps come with personalization options. Car owners can print HD images, personalized logos, text messages, etc., on their UV-resistant tarps. Vehicle owners who want their cars to look appealing, even when they’re parked, will love using custom-printed tarps as covers.

Vinyl tarps also come with multiple grommets (attachment points for rope). They make it easy to install tarps over cars. Overall, people who don’t have access to garages can receive the same level of protection from heavy-duty vinyl tarps.

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