What Is The Difference Between Couch Cleaning And Sanitising?

There is a common misconception that sanitizing and cleaning your couch are interchangeable terms. This is not the case! They both have different purposes and should be done at different times. However, both have benefits such as:

  • Helps maintain a clean home
  • You will live in a healthier house
  • Can help maintain the life of your couch

Cleaning your couch can mean anything from removing stains to washing it with soap and water, whereas sanitising means using substances such as alcohol or bleach to kill microorganisms on the surface of furniture.

Here is the difference between cleaning and sanitizing couches.

What is Couch Cleaning? 

Couch cleaning is the process of removing dust from your furniture with a vacuum cleaner. This includes upholstery and fabric, pillows and more. It is essential to remove all types of dirt to maintain a clean home, specifically any allergens that have settled into the high traffic areas such as your couch or recliner due to the amount of time you spend sitting on them.

What is Couch Sanitising? 

To sanitize something is to make it free of unwanted microorganisms. On a couch, this may mean using some bleach-based cleaner and letting the solution sit for five minutes or so before wiping it up with an old rag. This will likely take care of most bacteria on the surface and eliminate odors in the fabric itself.

What Are the Benefits of Couch Cleaning?

The benefits of couch cleaning are that it deep cleans and sanitizes the couch, removes all debris from upholstery, including pet hair and allergens. Another advantage is that you can save money by cleaning your furniture rather than paying an expensive professional to do so.

What Are the Benefits of Couch Sanitising? 

There are a few benefits to couch sanitizing. For one, it kills off any germs that could cause illnesses such as the flu or colds. It also removes odors that pets and cigarettes can cause in some cases. Finally, this cleaning method leaves your furniture looking cleaner than ever before!

How Can You Clean a Couch?

  • Remove all of the cushions and pillows from the couch
  • Vacuum or brush off any dirt, hair, or food crumbs, and then vacuum the top side of the pillow
  • Take a damp cloth, wipe down your couch, and then dry off with another clean towel or rag
  • Sprinkle baking soda onto the entire surface of the couch to absorb any odours, then vacuum it up again

How Can One Sanitise a Couch? 

One way to sanitize a sofa would be by using heat through steam cleaning. This method does not require any extra materials but will take significantly longer than including chemicals.

Another way to sanitize a couch is through bleach, ammonia, and other household cleaners, which will need to get mixed to kill bacteria on the surface effectively. When using this method, it’s best not to mix too much as you could end up over-saturating your fabric with harsh cleaning products. Another common way to sanitize a couch is by using chemicals such as chlorine liquid bleach.

Cleaning and sanitizing are two very different things. From the above discussion, you should now know the difference and how to do each correctly.

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