What Is A Woman’s True Desire?

Women’s minds are filled with romantic fantasies. Girls held marriages with their dolls and teddy bears, and they developed crushes on guys, even though boys are still more interested in constructing forts than kissing. They fawn over romantic movies about star-crossed couples who defy the obstacles and find eternal happiness in each other’s arms, even as grownups. It may be stressful for a male to figure out precisely what women desire in terms of romance.

Women are looking for your undivided attention.

A genuinely romantic gesture is one that expresses to a lady that you were solely thinking about her. Flowers may be purchased by anyone. They’re even available in the grocery store. However, flower delivery in Bangalore at her workplace is a more romantic gesture where she can show them off to her jealous co-workers, of course.

Even more romantic is to show up at her workplace after hours, carrying that large bouquet, with a vehicle ready to whisk her away to her favourite restaurant. Remember, it’s not the flowers that make a romantic gesture; it’s knowing what her favourite flower is and creating a significant gesture that’s only for her.

Women want you to recognise them.

As I stated before, with the flowers, romance isn’t about meaningless gestures. You may believe that being romantic requires candles and flowers, but anything considerate and unexpected counts as romantic. It’s romantic to go to the office supply shop and get a whole box of her favourite kind of ballpoint pen.

Getting her some thick, fuzzy socks since the weather has turned chilly, or bringing her one of her favourite movies on DVD, or refilling her shampoo because you used some and saw it was running out. These actions demonstrate that you care about her, which is what romance is all about for women.

Women aspire to be beautiful.

One of the most incredible things about romance is how attractive it makes women feel. According to a recent study, women as young as ten years old have a poor body image, and few women feel happy about their looks the majority of the time. A woman feels beautiful and unique when she’s being wined and dined by a new suitor – and if she doesn’t, the relationship won’t continue long.

So tell her her hair is velvety smooth, her skin is the best you’ve ever felt, and her eyes are like deep, sparkling lakes. Tell her anything kind that comes to mind since now is the moment to make her feel like a beauty queen, and she’ll express her gratitude for your efforts.

Women like being surprised.

Whether you’ve just begun dating or have been together for years, the secret to romance is to keep her guessing. Stop in at a small, family-run vineyard if you’re on a weekend vacation together and enjoy an hour of wine tasting — doing something enjoyable on the spur of the moment is romantic.

Drop by her workplace for lunch throughout the week, or just leave a personalised anniversary cake on her pillow for her to discover when she goes to bed. We’re all busy with our schedules and obligations, so it’s easy to take the easy way out when it comes to dating and romance. To be romantic, though, you must put some effort into doing things that are both enjoyable and unique.

Women want to be loved.

It’s difficult for men to comprehend, but women need constant reassurance that they are loved because they are afraid that their spouse will abandon them. This worry is often unfounded, but if the guy they’re with doesn’t say or do anything to reassure her that she still has his heart, she may assume the worst.

Don’t just assume she knows you love her because you’re physically present with her. Make her feel special by behaving as though you’re in love with her and treating her as if her heart must be won over and over again.


No matter how long you have been together, some of the longest-lasting marriages are ones where each spouse made sure the other understood how deeply they were loved. As a result, keep the romance alive.

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