What Does Working As an Apprentice in an Automotive Industry Look Like Today?

The Automotive industry is one of the biggest economic and employment contributors in Australia, generating over 37 billion AUD each year. About 356,000 Australians secure employment in the industry under various departments. It broadly encompasses car servicing, maintenance and body repair, repairing and servicing bicycles and motorcycles, retailing automotive vehicles, marine vessels, outdoor machine equipment, and other non-car manufacturing activities. During current times when it is difficult to find good quality and good-paying jobs without a degree, it provides employment opportunities for male and female technicians with an automotive apprenticeship.

Who Are Automotive Apprentices?

While some car and vehicle services provide on-the-job training at a local dealership for technicians to work on vehicles, it is the trained and certified technicians who do the more complex tasks. Larger companies and servicing centres have well-trained technicians certified from state-of-the-art apprenticeship programs to work on the vehicles with thorough knowledge about the components and their working. Having an apprenticeship is a great way to kickstart one’s career in the industry as one continues to develop their skills, or study for a degree. They also have opportunities to grow and advance to ownership and management positions in the company with the apprenticeship.

They Have Numerous Choices

As the automotive industry is focused on providing repair and maintenance services to vehicles, it is highly supportive of training apprentices. There are diverse programs like Vehicle Paint Technician Apprenticeship and Vehicle Body Repair Apprenticeship for those interested in working on vehicles hands-on. On the retail side of things, they also have the option of pursuing a Customer Service Apprenticeship. Some brand names in the business, like Audi, BMW, Porsche etc., provide job opportunities for those who have completed their automotive apprenticeship programs.

They Have Quality Work Experience

There is a significant difference between education and work-life. Getting an automotive apprenticeship bridges the gap between the two and allows individuals to develop relevant skills and knowledge in the field. They will be able to gain work experience and training under the supervision of managers and colleagues. Assigned assessors help them finetune their skills and help them with the course. This work experience is extremely helpful while looking for career growth opportunities as they would have acquired numerous transferable skills along with the qualification.

They Can Earn as They Learn

Unlike interns, where a majority of them work without pay, apprentices get paid to learn. It provides a great alternative for those who would not want to take expensive university courses that often result in student debts. It is an opportunity for those who seek qualifications and skills without the pressure of completing a degree. They have minimum average salaries of about $30 an hour or about $30,000- $40,000 a year as a beginner.

They Gain Experience and Confidence

Being employed and starting a career in a new job can seem daunting for those who have just completed their education. But those who have undergone apprenticeship programs have the knowledge and the work experience in the industry. It enables them to be more comfortable in the new job surroundings and develop more confidence while working with their colleagues.

They Have Career Advancement Opportunities

Reports show that more than 65% of the apprentices gain employment in the same place they have completed the program. Others gain work opportunities among local dealerships and brands. They usually gain promotion within the year of competition, based on their work performance. Expert automotive technicians significantly advance within their dealerships or companies throughout their careers. The best ways to gain promotions are through certifications, performing complex tasks, gaining experience and taking up leadership and management roles.

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