What are the top youtube channels to learn speedcubing?

The best YouTube channels for SpeedCube. These YouTube channels have great learning-oriented training videos with great insight. This is a great way to start your cube journey.

Dive into the world of cubes without the hassle with these amazing youtube channels to guide you through your journey of cubing.

So, without any further ado, let’s dive into learning about some of these great youtube channels to get you started on your cubing journey.

  • Cubelelo Official

Cubelelo Official is a great YouTube channel with everything you need to know to get started with the SpeedCube experience. From training videos to videos with interesting tips and tricks, cubelelo officially offers everything. Training videos are suitable for all young, beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels and everyone can benefit from detailed, thoughtful, and efficient videos. There is also a video for advanced cube authors who just want a little insight into the algorithm. The most amazing thing about this YouTube channel is its versatility. Whether you want to know the fastest cube timer or mathematically calculate possible solutions for your cube, this YouTube channel has it all. For those who care about dice, it’s a one-stop destination.

  • Redkb

A great channel for dice makers with a great community and about 3 million subscribers. This YouTube channel has everything from cubic patterns to different designs. Also, a big part of this great YouTube channel is the unpacking reports on the various cubes on the market. So if you’re looking for a channel to identify the right cube pattern and need the right advice on the cubes you need to buy, the is the Goto channel.

  • MeMyselfandPi444

One of the best cube channels with excellent tutorials on how to solve cubes. This channel is a great way to start your journey into the world of cubes. This channel has the best tutorials and simple learning algorithms to help you solve your cube in seconds. In addition, this channel also provides great insights and tips for solving other winding puzzles such as master morphs and axis cubes. Definitely a great cube channel.

  • Fazrulz1

Fazrulz 1 is a YouTube channel run by Rubik’s Cube World Champion Feliks Zemdegs. So I’m definitely looking for his tips and tricks to solve Rubik’s Cube and other exciting and winding puzzles. And how exciting is it to meet the world champions in person and learn the best dice? Fazrulz 1 is the perfect YouTube channel to learn how to continue your journey to the end. Recommended YouTube channel, this channel needs to be given a chance.

  • Thrawst

One of the most popular YouTube channels. It’s definitely one of the favourites of some of the speed cubes out there. It has a community and about 400,000 subscribers. This YouTube channel has various cube tips, tips and insights that will be very helpful to Speed ​​Cube. This week’s tips on SpeedCube are also very popular. So take a look at the YouTube channel.

Youtube Channels is a great way to learn and train Speedcube. It is cheap and convenient in many ways. What’s more, with the help of these amazing YouTube channels, you can learn Cubes anytime, anywhere from the comfort of your home.

These five YouTube channels offer different features in different contexts. The amazing thing about these YouTube channels is that they are all unique and offer something different. Therefore, pay attention to all these channels. If you’re learning

Speed ​​Cube and find a great way to do it, there’s nothing better than learning from these YouTube channels to get inspiration. All of these exciting and learning-oriented YouTube channels offer a variety of useful insights. In addition, it may be a great way to learn more about subscribers and make new friends who share the same learning ideology about cubes.

So, without any further effort, jump into your passionate ride and head to the land of Cube via the amazing YouTube channel. Learning and education can be very insightful in your own creation.

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