Must-Have Voice Changer Apps For Discord In 2021

Discord is one of the greatest gaming chat systems, and it’s something you may use every day if you’re a player. Discord has speech and text messaging, and there is a huge number of users that use voice changer for Discord to disguise their identity when conversing about the app. Some individuals do it for the sake of privacy, while others do it just for fun. 

Regardless of the motivations, no one can deny that using a voice changer is a lot of fun. Most online gamers now utilize these tools to change their voices to remain anonymous on popular streaming gaming platforms like Twitch. These methods are a basic feature of chat applications such as Skype and Discord.

This article is all about the voice changer for Discord. We will see a list of the best voice changers for Discord with their features. But before everything, let us see what is Discord, and what is a voice changer app. So, let’s begin!

Prologue 1: What Is Discord?

For those who are unfamiliar with Discord, it is free software that allows users to communicate via voice and text. It’s a game for players only. For people who desire to interact with communities, the program provides equal influence.

Discord talks take place on servers supplied by the Discord company. The vast majority of servers contribute in some way to games, but you don’t only talk about gaming servers.

Prologue 2: What Is A Voice Changer For Discord?

When they want to remain anonymous, some people employ voice changers. Trolls will use them to irritate more scary people. Children frequently utilize voice alterations to hide their ages so that they may access 18+ gaming discussions without being barred. Furthermore, some users utilize a free voice changer to disguise their gender.

Best Voice Changer For Discord To Use In 2021

We will highlight some of the best voice changers on the market today in an attempt to excite customers of these fantastic applications. We can tell you what features they provide, how much it costs to use their services, and which is the best voice changer app for changing your voice, based on your preferences.

1. Clownfish: Overall The Best Voice Changer For Discord

Clownfish: Overall The Best Voice Changer For Discord

Clownfish is a simple voice change tool that works not just with a lot of disagreement, but also with other chat apps like Skype or Steam. Clownfish Discord voice changer operates as a system-wide sound system, which means it may run in the background and modify the audio from the microphone or any other line.

The Clownfish voice changer is easy to set up and use. All versions of Windows are supported by the programme. While we wish it had more sound options, it is still the best Discord voice changer.

Key Features Of This Voice Changer App:

  • In-built sound player
  • Text to speech
  • Provides female voice changer
  • Can run in the background

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2. Voicemod: Most Interactive Discord Voice Changer


Voicemod is a fantastic tool with an even better set of voice filters. You may choose from a selection of voice effects that are both entertaining and useful. If you wish to sound like a robot, you may help Voicemod. If you wish to add a powerful baritone, the tool can help.

The program is extremely user-friendly, operates in real-time, and is available for free on all Windows systems. Although the program is designed for Discord, it may also be used on Skype, Twitch, and other online chat and streaming platforms. This is a fantastic Discord Mac voice changer.

Key Features Of This One Of The Best Voice Changers For Discord:

  • Provide demos
  • Doesn’t require any extra installation
  • Free of cost
  • Compatible with a wide array of games

3. VoiceMeeter: Voice Changer App For Discord With Fantastic Features


VoiceMeeter is a sophisticated user-centred tool. One or two users are familiar with audio mixing. If you are dissatisfied with the voice effects provided by software such as Clownfish, you may use this programme to generate an audio effect that best meets your needs. VoiceMeeter is not for the faint of heart, and it can only be used by those with a working knowledge of audio-blending software. 

If intricacy is a severe disadvantage, it will be the most prized selling feature in producing a bespoke audio effect. Voicemeter’s selling feature is that it has a female voice changer for Discord.

Key Features Of This Discord Voice Changer:

  • Easy to install
  • Free voice changer
  • Provides female sound
  • Supports every interface

4. MorphVox: Voice Changer Free For Discord


MorphVox can produce high-quality sounds without putting a strain on the CPU like the other instruments on this list. To create precise sound effects, the approach may mimic your speech.

MorphVox is a Discord voice changer that is always growing. MorphVox now includes MP3 playback, improved list management, and support for multiple users in addition to its standard functionality. The approach is also enjoyable to use. You may add background music to your online game experience when you connect with your pals online.

Key Features Of This Online Voice Changer:

  • High-quality audio effects
  • Hotkeys feature
  • Premium noise cancellation
  • Mimicry features

5. Voxal Voice Changer: Great Voice Modifier For Discord

Voxal Voice Changer

Voxal bills itself as the program that allows you to change or disguise your voice in virtually any video game or chat room. This task is a lot of fun. The technology assaults the users by giving them an unfettered choice for voice changing. You may sound like a toddler, a boy, or a monster in seconds thanks to Voxal.

The shift in speech is so significant that users can still remain anonymous whether listening to the radio or listening to podcasts. The nice part about Voxal is that it doesn’t require any consistent setups for each program’s setup and customizations. It will be better to utilize the same settings across both platforms, and this will work fine for macOS as well. As a result, it’s an excellent voice changer for Mac Discord.

Key Features Of This Voice Modulation:

  • Supports Mac
  • Real-time effects
  • Low CPU usage
  • Wide variety of sounds

6. Voice Changer: Best Voice Changer Discord

Voice Changer

A Voice Changer is a basic device for changing one’s voice. There are three simple options for you to choose from. You may either upload an audio file and use a microphone to adjust it to your voice, or you can create a written expression. Voice Change greets you with a variety of voice sounds on its welcome page. 

The voices of stereotypical infant voices, ladies, popular films, and animations all differ. This may be utilised effectively during video gaming sessions or online conversation sessions with buddies. You can also use it as a Discord female voice changer.

Key Features Of This Best Voice Modulator:

  • Upload feature
  • Set ringtones
  • Share feature
  • Text transcription feature

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7. Effective Voice Changer: Girl Voice Changer With Great Effects

Effective Voice Changer: Girl Voice Changer With Great Effects

Now, an app has been developed just for Android users. The instrument is simple to operate and may be used as a voice changer. When including pure fun effects, you have a variety of options for masking your voice.

More than 40 voice effects are included in the program. The program works well with Android chat applications, making it the ideal voice changer for Discord Android.

Key Features Of This Voice Changer Online:

  • Provides free demo
  • Microphone feature
  • Speech generator
  • Upload feature

8. Discord Voice Changer: Best Discord Desktop Voice Changer

Discord Voice Changer

With a peek at its voice gallery, it’s easy to see why Discord Voice Changer calls itself an entertainment software. To hide your voice, Discord Voice Changer presents a massive voice collection.

A sound like an insect, an animal, or any of your favorite characters, such as Yoda and Robocop, are among the alternatives. It employs a simple and integrated interface to assist users in locating the sound effect they want. This is an excellent Discord voice changer for Mac.

Key Features Of This Voice Changer For Discord:

  • Unlimited effects
  • Elegant UI
  • Easy to use
  • Modify sounds

9. AV Voice Changer

AV Voice Changer

You may change your voice in any manner you choose and make it entirely unrecognizable to your audience. AV Voice Changer is a device that allows you to change your voice. Perhaps you’ll sound like a human, a child, or a robot, depending on your preferences. When you utilize the tool, you may choose from a variety of voice preferences and effects to help you create a singular voice. For Discord, this is a lovely female voice changer.

The tool, which is powered by virtual audio driver technology, automatically interfaces with practically all forms of VoIP and chat apps. This tool may be used on Twitch, Discord, Skype, and other similar sites.

Key Features Of This Best Voice Changer For Discord:

  • Voice editor
  • Create custom effects
  • File editor
  • Microphone recorder

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10. Super-Voice Editor: Great Voice Changer For Discord With Low Battery Usage

Super-Voice Editor

Super Voice Editor is a smart voice editor that records and edits your voice to make it sound unheard. It’s simple to alter the recorded voice to sound like a baby, a monster, or a well-known superhero. Aside from the evident accomplishment, the MP3 cutter and audio editing tool are also hidden.

You may reduce your MP3 audio file and apply voice effects to your uploaded audio. The technology may also radically change the tone of your voice, making it more melodic and in-depth than typical. For Discord, this is a decent female voice changer.

Key Features Of This Voice Changer For Discord:

  • Voice recorder
  • Mp3 clipper
  • Audio Tuner
  • Voice chat available

Choose The Best Voice Changer For Discord

Voice changer is a very entertaining application that, surprisingly, also serves a practical purpose. Voice changers might be used by back-end contact center employees to conceal their voices, to assist users to remain anonymous on streaming sites and to aid chat programs like Discord and Skype.

Even if you have no practical need for them, these applications may be a great way to pass the time and surprise your pals online. When it comes to our suggestions, you’ll find VoiceMod to be fairly satisfactory if you’re seeking an online Voice Changer that works with chat apps and gaming platforms. If you want a platform with powerful audio and voice alteration features and low CPU utilization, we recommend Voxal Voice Changer.

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