Understanding All Things Alcohol: From French Wine To Irish Whiskey

Alcoholic beverages are a global requisite at events and celebrations and are a part of various traditions worldwide. Several cultures have indigenous recipes for liquor and alcoholic beverages that are still in production today. While alcohol is wildly popular, there are several restrictions regarding its consumption, especially age bars. These age restrictions mean that there is a constant inflow of new or first-time alcohol drinkers.

But alcoholic beverages have an innumerable variety that people may not know, and some might be apprehensive about trying new beverages. With innumerable distilleries making alcohol, first-time drinkers might not know which brands to choose. People should opt for renowned brands like Mountain Gin and try their signature products to ensure a satisfactory “first-time drinking” experience. It helps if people understand the ingredients and unique flavours of alcohol types, so they can choose the alcohol that will suit their tastes best.


While there are infinite recipes of alcohol worldwide, only some alcohol types are available everywhere. First-time drinkers should try commercial beverages before testing other rare alcoholic drinks.


Wine is perhaps the most well-known alcoholic beverage and is an excellent choice for beginners, depending on the alcoholic percentage. Wine is the oldest beverage, besides beer, and comes from grapes. French wine is the most renowned for its quality and flavour. People should know how to drink wine properly, to enjoy it to the fullest. Additionally, some cultures also make wine with other fruits, nuts, and rice.


Beer is also an excellent starter beverage, and most people have beer for their first alcoholic experience. Beer also has several types, but its central ingredient is fermented barley. Beer is best served cold with thick foam to enjoy its taste to the fullest. People can find beer with varying alcoholic percentages and buy the one that suits their drinking level.


Whiskey, unlike beer and wine, is hard liquor and contains more alcohol. Whiskey from Ireland is the most coveted worldwide for its body of flavour and texture, and Irish coffee is one of the few well-known alcoholic caffeine beverages. Whiskey is also grain-based alcohol but is more potent than beer. Whiskey ferments in specially-prepared barrels, which add to the flavour and colour.


Gin is also a potent liquor with natural ingredients and gets its name from its primary ingredient – the Juniper Berry. Other ingredients like cinnamon, almonds, and grain alcohol are also a part of gin, imparting a unique flavour to this alcohol. Most people enjoy gin with tonic water or club soda, which enhances the flavours. Various brands make signature gin like Mountain gin, which have unique recipes for their alcohol.


Russia is the best region for vodka, and most people consume it there to combat the cold weather. Vodka usually comes from potatoes, but certain brands also make them from grain-bases, fruits, or sugar extracts. Vodka is particularly potent and best consumed in limited amounts. His alcohol is a staple in various cocktail recipes, and people can effortlessly find it in bars and pubs.


Brandy alcohol comes from fruits, though it is more potent than fruit beer or fruit wine. Most brands prefer grapes for their acidity that provide brandy with a ‘kick’ in its flavour. Brandy also has medicinal benefits and is an excellent treatment for colds and flu; some people consume it for medicinal purposes.


Tequila is one of the few alcoholic recipes that don’t come from grains, as it comes from the agave plant. It undergoes complicated processes but produces a marvellous body of flavour. This alcohol is clear as distilleries don’t age it in wooden barrels, which imparts the rich golden-brown colour to most alcoholic beverages.

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