Top things to know before pursuing a UG course in English Literature?

In India, after completing 12th, a considerable number of students pursue an undergraduate course in English Literature. With a degree in English Literature, graduates can pursue careers in diverse fields that have excellent prospects. The demand for individuals who have proficiency in the English language is steadily rising these days with the increase in the number of websites, apps, and social platforms.

It becomes easier to communicate with almost anyone and everyone across the globe with the utmost ease when you are proficient in reading, writing, listening, and speaking English. If you consider taking admission to one of the best colleges for English Hons in Raipur or any other cities, you can maximize your possibilities of pursuing your coveted career and earn a decent starting pay package.

What English Honours is all about?

BA in English or English Honours is an undergraduate course in English Literature. Students acquire in-depth knowledge about literary pieces that reflect the historical, political, sociological, and culture of specific times. Almost all works of literature increase the sense of awareness in students about the surroundings. Your critical thinking and comprehension skills increase significantly when you pursue a course in English Literature from a recognized College or Institute.

English Honours students get the chance to improve their competence to read between the lines and critically analyze every literary piece. If you enjoy scrutinizing, comprehending, and interpreting works of English Literature, English Honours is the ideal course for you.

What do you get to study when you pursue English (Hons)?


Students who pursue English as an undergraduate degree program get to read a considerable number of classic and modern literary pieces that include novels, prose, essays, plays, poems, and many more. You will study the works of distinguished writers such as John Keats, Oscar Wilde, William Shakespeare, Robert Frost, Ernest Hemingway, Edgar Alan Poe, Rabindranath Tagore, etc. Some of the common topics that most English Literature degree courses comprise are Classical and Contemporary Literature, Literary Theory, Modern European Drama, Indian Writing and Literature, prose, poetry, and many more.

Top career opportunities after English (Hons)


The majority of the students after completing an undergraduate degree program in English Literature pursue careers as a journalist. It is one such profession where you need to possess excellent critical thinking, analytical, and communication skills. A course in English will enable you to collect information, write, and publish news stories effectively.

Digital marketing 

In the age of digital technology, businesses are reaching out to their target customers through digital and social platforms. If you pursue a Bachelor degree in English Literature in Raipur or other cities in India, you will be able to write attention-grabbing marketing and advertising copies that help increase the awareness and build the image of a brand.

Content writing 

Lately, there has been a massive demand for content writers due to the remarkable growth in the number of websites and applications. Brands are recruiting talented and fresh English graduates with a high pay package for writing brand-oriented content.

Apart from the career opportunities mentioned above, many more are there that you can explore and pursue if you have an immense knack for English.

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