Top 10 Laptops With Best Battery Life

How long should a laptop battery last? Well, if you ask us – we would tell you the more, the better. It actually depends on your hardware and the tasks you need to perform. The harder the task, the more battery it will expend. Nonetheless, most students, gamers, and technical geeks prefer owning a laptop with the best battery life. We don’t blame you – it’s one of the most important things we look for when buying a laptop. 

Many people think that laptop prices go up if the battery life is superior. Is that true? 

Well, here’s an article that sheds light on the top 10 laptops with best battery life. The list consists of laptops premium and affordable pricing. Let’s get started! 

Know Your Form Factor 

Why are you buying the laptop? We don’t really walk into a store and pick a laptop to stare at the screen. Different people buy the laptop for a number of reasons. 

  1. Students need the laptop to do assignments, watch videos, indulge in social networking, and download movies. 
  2. Businessmen and corporates need the laptop for video conferences, storing data, and carrying the world with them while traveling to different places. 
  3. Gamers need a laptop for heavy gaming and watching videos. They might even indulge in streaming. 
  4. Government organization needs the laptop for storing data, emails, and basic errands. 

Gamers and corporates need a laptop with an extended battery life. But it isn’t fair to see that everyone else is looking for a laptop with a reduced battery life. 

Nonetheless, you need to figure out why you need a laptop. What’s your purpose of buying it? All of us deserve a laptop with excellent battery life. 

No matter what the reason is, we will suggest the best laptops that run smoothly for hours. 

Which Long-Life Laptops Should I Consider?

Here’s something you need to know – if you take good care of your laptop, it will last long. Also, we tend to overcharge our laptops by plugging in the battery for too long. It reduces the battery life of your laptop; thus, you should refrain from overcharging. 

Besides taking out the charging cable of the laptop, you must keep it clean, and use a cooling pad to help the machine run at a lower temperature. An antivirus software and an upgrade can also help. 

Let’s cut back to the chase – which long-life laptop should you consider? 

Asus i7 laptops are popular and they are being used by professional gamers. Please note that the i7 processor is specially engineered for power users. It offers a much more enhanced and stable performance as compared to i5 and i3 processor. Dell and HP are also getting a lot of attention these days. Currently, Dell Latitude 9510 battery lasts for a whopping 18+ hours. MacBook also gives a battery life of about 11 hours which is praise-worthy. 

As we move forward, you will come across the list of 10 best laptop with best battery life. It’s a quick list, so feel free to check it out. 

Top 10 List of Laptops with Best Battery Life 

  • MacBook Air M1 

Apple became faster (and stronger) with the MacBook Air M1 (2020). The battery life runs for more than 11 hours which is quite impressive. 

The laptop has a great webcam and a lightning-fast SSD. If you’re a MacBook Pro user, consider this option. 

  • Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Yoga  

If you don’t mind spending a little more on a laptop, consider buying Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Yoga. It has good battery life, speedy performance, and an excellent keyboard. Lenovo laptop design is impressive too. 

  • Dell 9410 

Here’s another laptop you need to check out. Dell 9410 battery life is excellent – you can expect it to run for 17 hours. Besides the record-breaking battery life, we like the durable and premium aluminium chassis. 

  • HP Elite Book G7 x360 

Super-fast CPU performance, good battery life, attractive design, slim, and an impressive 1080p display – we’re not thinking of anything else right this moment. HP elite book G7 might be expensive for some, but it has a praise-worthy battery life. It can run smoothly for 15 hours straight provided you take good care of the laptop. 

  • HP Envy 14

HP Envy 14 is stylish, fast, and impressive in terms of battery life. 

HP happens to be a market leader when it comes to laptop segment. Wait till we reveal the battery life of this beast. It’s a whopping 16.5 hours. 

  • Dell Latitude 9510 

It’s one of the longest lasting laptops ever. The battery life is impressive and it can last up to 18 hours. If you are working two days straight, this laptop will be your best buddy. 

The laptop has a sleek and slim design, but it comes at an exorbitant price. 

  • Asus ExpertBook B9450 

16 hours and 12 minutes – that’s impressive, right? 

You can use the Asus ExpertBook B9450 for extended hours. The icing on the cake is that this laptop comes in a very good-looking electric blue colour. 

Lightweight, durable, and a sturdy design – the Asus ExpertBook is a great choice for those who need a reliable and good-looking laptop. 

  • Samsung Galaxy Book Flex 15

The Flex 15 by Samsung is a 2-in-1 laptop with impressive specs. Artistic creatives will enjoy having this laptop by their side. The built-in S pen allows you to  unleash the artistic side of you. Moreover, the battery life is praise-worthy. 

We also like the super bright screen of the Samsung Galaxy Book Flex 15. 

  • Apple MacBook Pro 2021 

Apple MacBook Pro 2021 has an impressive battery life, sleek design, and a great number of ports. The only thing that’s befitting about it is the laptop price. It comes at a whopping price of $2899. The battery lasts for more than 14 hours which is great for those who like to work for long hours. 

  • LG Gram 14

You get military-grade durability with the LG Gram 14. It has an excellent battery life and the design is lightweight. The look of the laptop may not be as appealing, but the durable chassis makes up for it. 

LG has proven that it can still make good products for all kinds of users. 

We hope that you found the best battery life laptop for yourself. Feel free to compare each and make a wise choice. 

It can be overwhelming to step out and buy a Asus i7 laptops online. Since it is an expensive and worthwhile investment, don’t settle for the ordinary one. Don’t forget to check out the top brands like Dell, HP, and Asus i7 laptops.

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