Tips For Contact Lens Wearers

Contact lenses are becoming increasingly popular, and the industry has grown exponentially over the last ten years. More and more people are now wearing glasses instead of the usually framed glasses you typically see.

With the ever-increasing number of people using lenses, you need accurate information about proper care for your lenses.

There are several things you can do to ensure the durability of your contact lenses Canada and the health and safety of your eyes, including how to properly apply your contact lenses, properly remove your contact lenses, and keep them safe. How to store them is not in use (if you are not using disposable contact lenses through which you dispose of them only one day later).

How To Apply Your Contact Lens Properly

Everyone will find their way of wearing their lenses, but there is a particular protocol that you must follow to ensure the safety of your eyes and so that you do not damage the lenses yourself.

First and foremost, make sure you wash your hands thoroughly. This will prevent any debris or bacteria from moving on your contact lenses, which could damage your eyes or the lens itself.

The second task is to ensure that you have washed your contacts in saline solution so that none of the germs in which you have stored your lenses get into your eye.

Third, gently lift your contact lens and place it on the hollow side of your index finger, opening the lid of your eye with the other hand.

The fourth task is to place the contact lens in the middle of your iris and slowly blink so that the lens sits comfortably in its place.

And that’s it! Just repeat the process for the other eye.

How to remove a contact lens.

It’s a little more complicated than wearing glasses.

You first need to wash your hands thoroughly, just as you would when applying them. This will protect your eye from infection.

Second, slide the lens under your eye and gently pinch. If you find this difficult, you can buy various accessories to help with the process.

How to store your lenses when not in use.

Unless you have disposable contact lenses, you will need to store them when they are not in use. This is mainly at night, as you cannot wear them at night. Otherwise, the lens can irritate your eyes unless you wear an extension. Contact lenses. Contact your eye doctor if you forget to remove your contact lenses yourself.

You should have a suitable container or case to store them, and there is a range of choices, including screw top, flip lids, and barrel containers.

When you remove your contact lenses, you should make sure to wash them with hydroperoxide solution. Many of them are available in the market, it will disinfect your lenses so that it is safe to use. It can be made and cleaned of debris and bacteria. Make sure you always use the latest solution in your case, or it may be ineffective.

Now, you should be able to insert, remove and store your lenses with confidence. You are welcome.

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