The Best Countries to Travel in December 2021 For A Winter Getaway

Where should you spend your December holiday? December has always been a month of festivity all throughout the world. Festivities render this month brighter, even in the midst of darkness, ice, and tons of cold. After summers, December is among the heaviest travel months of the year. For the vacations, many are heading back home or to eclectic locations. Everybody else is getting a head start on the snow season. And workers with restlessness are making the most out of their holidays off to fit in one final vacation before the end of the year. Amidst the overcrowding, December is a fantastic month for a getaway. Even if you’re looking for sub-zero conditions and beautiful snowy sceneries, or you want to escape the winter at home and soak up the sun on the beach. There are also a number of interesting cultural events and Christmas marketplaces to explore.

Thus, whether you’re seeking to book a longer-term journey around the world or just want to spend a long weekend somewhere joyful. Here are some of the top-most countries that you must be on your list for a greater experience:


Visualize gentle breezes blowing white dunes and a blue sea murmuring quietly in your ears. That’s exactly what the Maldives is, particularly in December. This group of ring-shaped archipelagos and islands are both gorgeous and ideal for a December beach vacation. The very first week of December may see rain, but by the middle of the month, you’ll enjoy dry, cold sunny weather with Christmas and New Year’s Eve festivities on the way. With 13 days’ heavy rainfall and an average temperature of 27°C in December. The Maldives is ideal for swimmers, water activities such as snorkeling, diving, and beachside leisure.

Czech Republic

Situated in the heart of Europe, what this country can offer you? We believe it is the Finest Winter travel destination. The country is well-known for its deeply established strands of heritage, architecture, and culture from the Renaissance and Gothic periods. It is, nonetheless, among the most scenic nations in Europe, with cobblestone walkways and curving pedestrian bridges across rivers. December in the Czech Republic is frigid, with daytime lows of 1°C and daytime highs of 3°C, with evenings falling below freezing. Nonetheless, travelers from all over the globe flock to Prague for the Night markets, glittering lights, and tangible exhilaration in its Old Quarter.


The United States of America contains many things and deserves to be introduced fully. It is a huge country with a diverse scenery. You can enjoy your December here with a traditional New Year’s Eve or the wild nights to celebrate Christmas. Even if most countries are in the grip of winter, the snow, short days, and lack of daylight do not deter people from flying for a holiday. Shopping is just as much fun here, with exorbitant deals right before The holidays at practically all shops and companies. So, what are you holding out for? Christmas and New Year’s Eve are almost approaching! Visit to enjoy the amazingness of the USA.

Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia being a Muslim country has a lot to offer to people all over the words. However, non-Muslims are not allowed to explore its two Holy cities Mecca and Madinah but they can move freely in other cities. December is the time when most countries enjoy the vacations of Christmas but Muslim people prefer to embark on a minor pilgrimage. From all over the world, they can avail December Umrah Packages at low rates to travel to the glorious cities of Saudi Arabia. Undoubtedly, the weather of Saudi Arabia gets mild in December, and Muslims can perform their rituals without any sort of inconvenience.


Malaysia is home to some of the most spectacular ‘innovative’ cities on earth. It is an ideal December escape due to its mild temperatures, long lovely days. And a plethora of fascinating touristic activities. This is yet another location where you can spend New Year’s Eve on a seashore and enjoy a night with the stars after all the craziness has faded away and the world has moved onto next year. December has a median temperature of 27°C, and a large number of people visit the region to commemorate the festive season. This joyful month has everything, from hiking to water activities, beach parties to shopping.

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Thailand is famous across the world for its Thai food, steamy beaches, stunning coastlines, and therapies. Its capital, Bangkok, is the greatest buying attraction for everyone. As well as a fantastic spot for Christmas and New Year’s holidays. Thailand has its coldest winter in December, with just an average temperature of 26°C and barely 40mm of rain. Its midnight marketplaces, as well as its various beaches such as Pataya, Phi Phi, Krabi, and Phuket. Thrive to give room to twinkling lights and the cheerful atmosphere of Christmas. With much hoopla, the high season is pretty nearly at its zenith here in December.

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