How Does Prenatal Massage Help Pregnant Mothers To Stay Healthy And Fit?

The body goes through certain basic changes during pregnancy, including postural changes and a major infusion of hormones. It can also cause weight gain, larger breasts, increased plasma and blood volume, and organ movement. As a result, the duration of pregnancy might be uncomfortable, and all pregnant women should expect aches and pains.

Regular massage at this time, according to a growing body of research, is a safe, drug-free, soothing technique to minimize and relieve the usual discomforts you may be feeling. It has the potential to enhance your own physical and emotional health and the health of your child.

Therapeutic massage offers several advantages, including stress reduction, soft tissue injury repair, and improved performance and quality of life. Massage therapy would be useful during pregnancy. Prenatal massage therapy is similar to conventional massage therapy. Still, therapists take extra precautions to guarantee comfort during the massage, such as utilizing cushions to offer support and relieve tension on the lower back and pelvic region. It’s comparable to a full-body massage, but with a few changes for the mother’s and baby’s safety.

Now, let us explore some of the advantages of prenatal massage for mother and baby.

Relief from low back pain – Sciatica

During pregnancy, around half of all women have low back discomfort. Changes in body posture during pregnancy because the centre of gravity shifts can affect the musculoskeletal system.

As the muscles adjust to the new position, they might compress the sciatic nerve. It can cause pain to radiate down the leg from the lower back. Massage helps to relax such muscles and relieve nerve strain. It can also assist the surrounding joints and muscles to have more range of motion and flexibility.

Reduces pain in muscles ache

The muscles that maintain the pregnant mother upright now work harder, boosting the generation of toxins that essentially bind the individual muscle fibres together, causing nerve endings to worsen and create discomfort. Massage helps to reduce pain by breaking down adhesions, releasing trigger points. It also increases circulation in the region, which enhances oxygen and encourages toxin clearance.

Alleviates the leg cramps

The specific cause of leg cramps during pregnancy has yet to be discovered. However, the additional pressure on the leg muscles is likely to be a contributing factor. Low levels of specific minerals like magnesium, potassium, calcium, and sodium and a lack of blood flow through muscles due to extended sitting or lying down might contribute. Massage can help with cramp relief by increasing blood flow and stretching the muscles.

Relief from headaches and upper back pain

Muscle imbalance can be caused by changes in body posture and a rapid rise in breast size and is the major cause of acute upper back discomfort. Headaches are thought to be caused by an increase in blood volume moving throughout your body, as well as a rise in hormones. It is often aggravated by stress, poor posture, lack of sleep and dehydration. Massage eases stress in the head, neck, and shoulders by relieving muscular tension, releasing trigger points, stretching shortened muscles, and stretching shortened muscles. Prenatal massage relieves stress and promotes relaxation as well. 

Hormonal balance

Hormones produced during pregnancy are responsible for a variety of physical and emotional changes in the mother. One of them is that Relaxin stimulates the musculoskeletal system to relax, providing the joints with the flexibility they need to deliver the baby. Massage improves circulation around the joints, which helps to relieve discomfort. 

Stress levels typically climb during pregnancy. Massage decreases stress hormones, which help to relieve anxiety, boost mood, and promote sleep. It also produces natural pain relief by increasing the synthesis of endorphins and serotonin, which can help mothers and babies relax and reduce tension. Though the advanced study is needed, it appears that lowering stress hormones can also lower the chances of early birth and complications during labour.

Decreases inflammation

The increased strain on the hip, knee, and ankle joints is caused by weight growth and increased plasma and blood volume. Inflammation can reduce circulation and increase pressure on blood vessels which are common causes of swelling. Massage stimulates soft tissues, which helps minimize the accumulation of fluids in swollen joints and promotes the lymphatic system’s clearance of waste materials. Massage reduces the risk of edema, varicose veins, and blood clots by assisting blood flow into the legs. Prenatal massage therapy in Calgary can relieve the symptoms and discomforts of pregnancy.


Before seeking massage therapy, you must consult your physician first. Massage therapy during pregnancy can offer multiple benefits.

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