Pomeranian Dog Price: Details & Information

The Pomeranian dog price depends on many factors such as Place, Quality, Breeder, Vet check, etc., but if we talk about the standard price, you will get everywhere around ₹10,000-₹15,000.

The Pomeranian is also known as Pom, is the tiniest of the Spitz breed of dogs. They are compact active, and bright-eyed dogs with an endless curiosity and a sense that they are the cutest thing around.

Factors That Influence the Pomeranian Puppy price

1. Place or Area

There are many factors that affect the Pomeranian dog price in which place plays a vital role. Pomeranian dog price varies from state to state or city to city as you all know, it is impossible to list the price of dogs in every single town.

The Pomeranian dog price is much higher in Metro cities as compared to the rural.

2. Breeder Reputation (Reputed or Regular)

Another critical factor that affects the Pomeranian dog price is Breeder. If we talk about breeders, there are thousands of breeders available, but the price of a dog is different at every breeder.

If you buy a pet from a reputed or well-known breeder, you will have to pay a very high price from 40,000- 60,000. But if you buy it from the regular breeder, you don’t have to pay a higher price.

3. Quality of breed

As you know, the price of anything depends on the quality. Higher the quality, Higher will be the price compared to lower quality, lower will be the lower price.

In the same way, the Higher the quality of Pomeranian dog, the higher will be Pomeranian dog price in India or vice-versa.

How to check the pure breed Pomeranian puppies for you?

If you are planning to buy a Pomeranian dog for yourself, you should keep in mind many things before adopting. Many breeders and shops will provide you with a mixed breed saying as a pure breed. So there are a few things to keep in mind to check whether the dog is of pure breed or not, which are as follows.

  • Documentation– Before buying any dog breed, you should always ask for the proper documents of the dog, whether the dog is registered in a specific registry or not.
  • High Price– Generally, you always have to pay a high price for the pure breeds, so this is another factor to know whether the dog is of pure breed or not.
  • Physical Characteristics– Another way to check whether the dog is of pure breed or not is by its Physical characteristics. The pure breed always cultivates the same characteristics as of pure breed.

Grooming Cost of Pomeranian dog

Poms have a thick standard double coat, a soft, dense, fluffy undercoat, and a harsh topcoat. Males shed their undercoat once a year, but unspayed females shed when they are in season, after giving birth and when they are stressed.

Brush and comb your Pom at least twice weekly to distribute skill oils and keep the coat healthy. You can take them to a bath as often as you like, whether daily or monthly. They are prone to dental problems, so it is required to brush their teeth daily if possible and trim their nails regularly.

Vet cost associated with your Pomeranian dog

Vet cost is all the medical expenses that you will have to bear once you own a dog. Vet costs vary from breed to breed. There are Few dog breeds whom vet costs are very high, and some have minimal vet costs.

Whenever you are looking to buy or adopt a dog breed, it is highly recommended that you first visit a veterinarian to know all the vet cost associated with that particular breed. This will help you to decide whether you should go with that breed or not.

If we talk about vet costs associated with the Pomeranian dog breed. If you own a Pomeranian, then these breeds have average vet cost as compared to other dogs. Veterinarian visits, vaccination costs, etc., are the things that come in vet costs.

If we talk in numbers, then a Veterinarian visit will cost you somewhere around 1500-2000, and yearly vaccination will cost you somewhere around 1000-1500, but it depends on the dog’s age.

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