Tips and Tricks for Keeping Your Business COVID-Secure in 2021

The past year has been quite challenging for businesses all over the world. The COVID-19 pandemic led numerous businesses to shut down for a while, and many could not reopen due to the immense economic losses. Now, with vaccine drives in full flow, the world is slowly reopening again. However, there is still a lot of risk involved. The virus has not been eliminated completely by any definition. There are still millions of patients in the world, and everyone still needs to take the due precautions. 

Furthermore, you need to also change your talent acquisition strategies if you’re hiring new recruits after the pandemic. This is because the workplace has now changed, with many companies now opting for remote work policies. Therefore, your hiring will also have to reflect that. In addition, you have to make sure your workplace is safe and has the proper distancing and contingency plans in place before you call your employees back to the physical office. Before you do reopen your offices, here are some tips and tricks you should follow. 

Calculate The Risks

First of all, you should have a clear idea of the risks involved. If you’re calling your employees back, you need to address all the problem points of your workplace, and identify potential spreading points in your office. For example, if workers usually have a common cutlery area, have them keep their cutlery and mugs at their own tables. 

Furthermore, utilize your crisis planning skills and assess what impact a breakout in your office will have. This way, you can figure out what preventive measures you need to implement from the get-go. 

Involve Your Employees

You should not make all your post-covid reopening plans in silo. Involve your employees and ask for their opinions. Often, they may have some concerns or observations that missed your notice. You should take their concerns in account, and take measures accordingly. 

This way, they will also feel safer coming back to work. Additionally, if they do have doubts, listen to them and address them. This will alleviate some worry on their part, and they’ll keep you in the loop as well. 

Establish Remote Work Policies

Even if things are getting better, they will not go back to normal anytime soon. Therefore, you need to establish some remote work policies. These policies should include work timings, communication methods, and how office devices will be allocated and used. 

You should also make sure these policies include data protection measures. Working from home has put many company’s data at risk. This is because people cannot implement the same security protocols at home as are in place at work. Thus, you need to conduct online security training and provide your employees with the right software to carry out their work and protect their data. 

Have A Crisis Plan In Place

Even if you take all the protective measures possible, there might still be COVID cases at your workplace. For that eventuality, you must have a crisis plan in place. This plan should include workplace sanitations, immediate remote work shifts, and a way to notify others who have been in contact with the employee. 

As soon as there is a case, implement this plan, and take the appropriate quarantine measures yourself. Furthermore, you should also include financial backup in this plan. In case you need to stay closed for a while, you must have something to fall back on. 

Track Third Party Interactions

Workplaces don’t just include employees. You’ll also have cleaning, security, and delivery services going in and out of your office. Make sure you have a tracking form in place and your vendors are on board with this. 

In case anyone from these services gets the virus, you need to take preventive quarantine measures in your office. Therefore, you must have some sort of tracking mechanism in place to know about such cases. 

Monitor Employee Health

Make sure you monitor employee health, both physical and mental. People should get a temperature check and other such measures before they enter the office, and should be honest about any possible exposure. 

Furthermore, you should ensure that your employees feel safe, and can take mental and physical health leaves so they can come back to work at their best. 

To sum up, these tips and tricks will help you keep your business safe from COVID in these trying times. Implement these measures, take care of your employees, and your business will survive. 

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