Is IVF treatment Effective? Find Out Everything Here

The world has been growing with every passing day, and this is not its growth in terms of size, it is in terms of knowledge, progress, advancement, and technology, etc. With this growth, many things that were impossible in the past are now can be performed with a single click. A single reflex by yourself can do a lot of tasks and many difficult tasks. The advancement in technology has revolutionized the medical field as well. The diseases in the past which were considered incurable at that time are now considered ordinary diseases and a single tablet or injection can be enough for treatment.

This advancement in medicine can be viewed when you discuss infertility treatments. Once there was a time when it was considered that infertility is nearly untreatable and can be cured only when luck is in your favor. However, nowadays IUI and IVF treatment center in Lahore are providing the best treatments with the latest technologies to cure this infertility.

Many couples who are infertile are now heading towards these treatment centers to get rid of this problem and produce children of their own. In Vitro Fertilization which is commonly abbreviated as IVF is the most common and popular type of treatment in this case. The doctors’ work is only to treat and try their best to cure the disease, leaving the rest on fate. However, the success rate matters a lot in this case as people will definitely go for a treatment that has a high success rate so they prevent themselves from wasting their time and money on different treatments.

Following is everything that you should be aware of before going for an IVF treatment to ensure the proper recovery and decide whether it is going to work for you or not.

What is an IVF Treatment?

The first thing is to find what an IVF treatment is and how it is going to be helpful in your fertility-related diseases. The answer is quite simple which describes that IVF is a series of procedures which purpose is to enable you to produce bay of your own regardless of your mental, physical, and sexual conditions.

It is one of the most used and advanced treatment processes which involves the fertilization outside the body, but it is very different from test-tube babies as the fertilized egg is placed inside the reproductive chamber of the female and the next process is just similar to a normal pregnancy.

Procedure of IVF

The main thing to consider is what is the process behind IVF treatment. Here is a detail of the whole process and the series of procedures that take place.

  •       First of all the female partner has to take some medicines as prescribed by the doctor. The main purpose of these medicines is to boost up the natural menstrual cycle so that the egg can be removed from the ovary for further processing. So the main thing is that females should have produced eggs by medicines otherwise the process cannot proceed.
  •       After that, the sperms and eggs are collected from the respective partners. In order to take sperm from the male partner, simple methods or advanced methods can be used depending upon the physical condition of the patient.
  •       After that, the eggs and sperms are washed in the specialized laboratories to remove all kinds of debris and extra chemicals that can interfere during the process.
  •       The last step includes the fertilization of an egg in a petri dish and then the placement inside the female’s reproductive system. The next process is similar to a normal pregnancy.

Success Rate and Takeaway

The success rate is quite high in the case of IVF as compared to other advanced treatments for that purpose. Usually, 3 cycles are recommended, and the rate of success during the first cycle is 20 to 35 percent. Which further increases to nearly 50 percent in the next two cycles. Most of the women can conceive only after the first cycle.

Depending upon the high success rate and easy procedures, IVF is an effective male and female infertility treatment solution. One can easily choose it as it has very few side effects as compared to medication.

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