Interesting Fact About Animation, You need to Know.

Animation is a way of movie making. Movies are made with the help of so many still images. Every image is put together one after another. And played together at the very first speed and we can see a movement. It’s a rapid display. It’s a method of drawing, photographing, and models to create an illusion of movement. Movies are made with computers. Who makes animation is called an animator. Animations are always in great demand. Animation is very demanding and it’s a good career option also. Spain is the number one county for animation jobs. All cartoon characters are animated characters, and our childhood is incomplete without cartoons.

1)History of animation:

20th of july 1887 in France the animation first started. Emile Cohl the french artist first created the animated film Fantasmagorie.

2)Types of animation:

There are different types of animation we can see. Mainly 5 types of animation are used.

a)Traditional animation:

Traditional animation is basically done by hand drawn pictures. An animator creates those characters very carefully. Each photo is slightly different from other photos. There are so many companies that’s well known for traditional animation. Disney is known for this animation. You can see so many Disney characters on login/begin.  

b)3D animation:

3D animation is very popular nowadays. It’s a process where computer generated objects move through 3 dimensional space. This process is totally different from traditional animation. A 3D animator can specialize every movement of a character. It’s an art of using motion. Ratatouille is a famous 3D animated character.

c) 2D animation:

The fullform of 2D is two dimensional animation. This is quite an easy process. You can do it at your home.  It is made by individual photos. You can also do it on the page.

d) Motion graphics:

Motion graphics are graphics in movement. Graphics elements are moved over the time and create an illusion of motion. Motion graphics videos are mainly used on social media. Most tv advertising videos. It is most used when december global holidays come. We wish our friends on social media for festivals like christmas, new year and post these graphics on social media.
  • Stop motion:
Stop motion is an animated film making technique. In this technique where photograph statistic elements in a frame and moving them around in a small increasement. When all frames are played it shows a movement.

Most popular animated character:

Cartoons are a big part of tv shows. Cartoons bring us joy and make us happy. Without animation it’s never possible. Here are some famous animated characters that make our childhood more beautiful. Mickey mouse, a Disney character of disney,  tom and jerry created in 1940, tweety bird, cinderella, Daisy duck. Most of the beautiful characters are gifted by disneyplus com login. Children learn lots of things from cartoons. They can learn different languages easily. It can help children to discover the world. Teach good behaviour. Cartoon characters affect us a lot because as we grow up we never forget those favorite characters.


Animation educates us with entertainment. It can educate us very easily and faster. Kids learn languages very first while they are watching cartoons. Animation shows us our thoughts, ideas, concepts, marketing everything. Industry used animation a lot. Most of the animation is used with computers. In this generation animation is used a lot for advertisement, film. It develops our ideas. If you are interested in industry, art or want to gain more knowledge about it then an animation degree can help you a lot. In a simple word its a technique of art, drawing and movement.

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