How to skill insects using aluminum spray bottles:

As we already know how insects can affect the lives of human beings. There are some insects like mosquitoes, cockroaches, bees, and many others which make the life of a person miserable. Mosquitoes are the most common insect. The research says that more than 700 million people have been infected by mosquitoes every day. In simple words, people are worried about how to get rid of it. Because mosquitos are a cause of dengue and many other brutal diseases which are spread widely.

The only way to stop it is by using killing gadgets or insect spray. Insects spray is the most effective thing against mosquitoes. Moreover, sprays are more expensive than before and mosquitos will always come again so you can’t buy a new spray every day. There is another way of using spray and that is using an aluminum bottle for it. Yes, you can make a spray for insects using aluminum bottles. We will explain the following alternatives of how you can use aluminum bottles for spray against mosques and all the insects.

Aluminum Bottle better than plastic:

As there is no doubt that an aluminum bottle is far better than plastic. Because aluminum bottles are more durable, reliable, and long-lasting. Moreover, an aluminum bottle will cost you a little bit but still it will last for a very long time which makes it cheaper than plastic in those terms. As many people use plastic bottles when they make a spray formula and then use it in the plastic bottle. Well, this is a fool’s way to do it. The best way of making formula and then using the spray must be in the aluminum bottle. As the spray available in the market also uses an aluminum bottle. The reason is aluminum is far better than plastic and it helps all the reactions and the formula to be more effective.

Making of Mosquitoes Repellent formula for spray:

  • Following are the steps to make the best mosquitoes repellent formula at home.
  • Take a cup and add 30 drops of oil of lemon
  • Take Methylated Spirits of 100 Ml. You can get that from a pharmacy store
  • Take Another 100Ml Witch Hazel. You can also get that from the pharmacy store.
  • And then take 1 teaspoon of vinyl extract

Preparation of mosquitos repellent:

  • When you gather all the essentials for the formula then you can start preparing it.
  • Take an aluminum bottle and put every essential 100 ml Witch hazel vanilla extract lemon oils and mix it well.
  • When you completely mix it then keep it for four hours.
  • Exactly after four hours, you can use it for killing mosquitoes.

Using an aluminum bottle for it is the best alternative. The aluminum bottle will not break when it falls from a distance and you can use the spray for a long time.


Using a spray is very important nowadays. Because In most of the region the dengue is spreading rapidly. Using spray for killing mosquitoes is the best. The effect of an aluminum bottle with the spray will make the best combination in killing them.

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