How to Keep Your Pop-Up Canopy Tent Cool during Summers

When the sun shines brightly during the summers, we all want to have a good time under the sun. Hosting outdoor events like the celebration of the 4th of July, product launch party, company retreat, barbeques, or even summer wedding is common during this season. To keep themselves protected from the direct sun rays, people often opt for pop-up canopy tents. They are just the thing you would need if you are planning for such an event, as they will provide you with the right amount of shade and would act as a venue at the same time. The only problem is they might get stuffy in the hot weather. So, how to avoid it? Read on to know more about some tips to keep your pop-up canopy tent cool during the summers.

Set it up in an apt location

Canopy tents are temporary outdoor shelters. Just like our brick-and-mortar homes need ventilation, they too need proper aeration to keep them cool. You have to put them up in the right location so that the breeze can flow in and out freely. If you can place them under a tree or shadow of a tall structure, the shade would also help your tent cool down.

Roll the walls up if needed

Suppose you have arranged a beach party and you couldn’t put your personalized popup tent under a shade. What to do then? Simple! Do what you do when you feel stuffy inside your home. Roll one of the walls of the tent up to allow the outside air to flow in.

Install fans

Canopies can easily accommodate a ceiling fan. We tend to forget that often. You can also install stand fans instead of ceiling fans to get relief from the spiking temperature. But if your venue is a large one, then fans may not be a solution to get the temperature down.

Using cooler and air-conditioner

When you have chosen a big place to host a party, using coolers or air-conditioners can be the right thing to have. Cooler brings down the temperature of an enclosed space by ten degrees. They evaporate the water into vapor and circulate it by its inbuilt fan. However, if you live in a humid place, coolers will not work. In such cases, you will have to have air-conditioners to keep your guests cool.

Let the grass be your floor

It would be best to set your tent in a grassy area. Heat rises, and we all know that. So, you will not be pleased if the heated-up concrete or asphalt tent floor starts to lose heat. But you can avoid this if you choose the grass to be your canopy’s floor.

Serve chilled beverages

Hot weather calls for chilled beverages, right? So, make sure to keep your guests hydrated with lemonades, mojitos, ginger-ale, and ice-water (of course), and let them enjoy the ambiance.

Choose the right tent

All the mentioned tips will only work out if you have the right tent. For example, pop-up canopy tents use a fabric that minimizes the heat from entering the tent. Also, make sure that the tent material is UV resistant. You would be exposed to the sun’s rays for quite a long time, and UV rays can cause significant damage to the skin.


Summer outdoor events can be fun. But if not planned properly, it can leave your guests tired, sunburned, and dehydrated. So, before you organize such an event, keep all the arrangements ready.

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