How saris evolved through time

Sari is quite a fashionable garment, and this has been used as a humble drape for centuries. In fact, the origin of this grape can be traced back to the Indus Valley civilization in the northwestern part of India.

These days, one can even buy online wholesale sarees but before that, if one is curious, then here is a quick history about the evolution of saris. The journey of it began with cotton which was first cultivated in the subcontinent of India and that too in the 5th century BC. The cultivation of cotton weaving became quite huge during that time and weavers started using various dyes like lac, indigo, turmeric, and red madder to make them colorful.

‘Sattika’ which means woman’s attire was found in Sanskrit literature. It was a 3-piece set worn by women of ancient times and more or less looked the same as the drapes which modern women use these days. Traditionally women wore different types of regional handlooms like cotton, silk, ikkat, embroidery, block print, tie and dye and many more when it came to saris. There are some sought materials as well like silk saris and brocade varieties like Kanchipuram, Banarasi, Paithani, Gadhvi, Uppada, Balchuri, Bagalpuri, Chanderi, Maheshwari, and more.

Many years later when the foreigners came to India, rich Indian women started requesting the artisans to use a set of expensive stones and gold/ silver threads on the sari body to make it more exclusive. Of course, wearing them helps one to stand out in the crowd. But even then, the sari was and is still the only garment that is worn by women from all parts of India and it still remains an unbiased garment.

In India when industrialization happened, the British people brought synthetic dyes as a part of the official entry and the local traders also started importing chemical dyes and printing machines from other countries. Hence Indian saris added some more varieties because of new techniques of printing and dyeing. Weavers started including figures, flowers, and motifs to the saris as well.

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