How It Becomes Easy to Convert Cm to Feet Using Online Calculator

Centimetres (cm) and Feet (ft.) are both units of measurement, typically used to measure the length and height of an individual or object. The Feet is usually used to measure the height of a person, a building or a bridge. It also measures the distance between two objects. However, if the measurement is in centimetres, you will need to convert cm to feet. 

You can convert cm to feet by following a simple formula:

Feet = Length in Cm x 0.0328 

[As a thumb rule, the measurement in cm is to be multiplied with 0.0328]


For instance, if a pole is 150cm long, its height in feet will be:

160 x 0.0328 = 5.24

To obtain faster results, opt for an online cm to feet calculator. 


What is an Online Conversion Calculator?

An online converter is a one-of-a-kind tool that allows easy conversion of units, whether it involves converting from centimetre to feet or vice versa. An online conversion calculator is also easy to use, fast and accurate.


How to Convert from Centimetre to Feet?

Converting 1 cm to feet should be easy once you know that the value of 1 cm is equivalent to 0.0328 feet. The calculations are easy once you know how to do them. All you have to do is memorize the figure, and then simply multiply the same with the given value (in cm). 


How to Convert from Feet to Centimetres?

1 foot is equivalent to 30.48cm. So if you want to switch from foot to centimetres, you will need to divide the given value (in ft) by 0.0328. 

For instance, if a person is 5.9 ft tall, then height in cm will be:

Cm = 5.9/0.0328

       = 179.87 

Make the most of an online converter to get results at your fingertips.


How to Use an Online Calculator to Convert Cm to Feet? 

The steps to using an online calculator are straightforward. Here is what you need to do:

 1: Access the online calculator. 

 2: Enter the value in centimetres in the input field.

 3: Click on the ‘Convert’ button to obtain the conversion value.

 4: Get the converted value (in feet) displayed in the output field.


Conversion Table (From 1 Cm to Feet)

One of the easiest ways to change from centimetre to feet is by memorizing the following conversion table:


Centimetre (cm) Foot (ft)
1 cm 0.032808399 ft
2 cm 0.0656167979 ft
3 cm 0.0984251969 ft
4 cm 0.1312335958 ft
5 cm 0.1640419948 ft
6 cm 0.1968503937 ft
7 cm 0.2296587927 ft
8 cm 0.2624671916 ft
9 cm 0.2952755906 ft
10 cm 0.3280839895 ft

Referring to the conversion table and using the online calculator makes the job much easier. You need not spend much time doing complicated calculations by yourself. Moreover, there are zero chances of an error since you are sure to get accurate results. 



How do you convert cm to foot?

Multiply the value in cm with 0.0328 ft

For example, 8cm is equivalent to 8 x 0.0328 = 0.2624ft 


How many feet is equal to 3cm?

3cm is equivalent to 3 x 0.0328 = 0.0984 ft


12cm is equivalent to how many feet?

The value of 12cm is equivalent to 12 x 0.0328 = 0.3936 ft


Is the conversion necessary?

Whether to have the conversion or not depends entirely on the user. However, for certain tasks, converting 1cm to feet might be necessary. For instance, when measuring the height of an individual. However, in most cases, the choice lies completely with the user.

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