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Reserving great files of data is not at all a big deal nowadays. It does not matter user wants to save personal data, family pictures and videos or official documents cloud storage facilitates the user to store data without spending much money. Read About Pokemon Unite.

One of the great things about Full data storage apps are without any geographical or device constraints user can get access all the content. Suppose some of you have one terabyte and desire to get access to it by mobile phone, what would you do? As u already well aware that smartphones do not support large amounts of data so what way you will opt to access it. Probably will tap into the data storage app and access the content.

  • Autosync:

This is a family of the app through MetaCtrl. Everyone tackle with a unique cloud storage app and users can choose among OneDrive, Dropbox, Google Drive, MEGA, and the latest universal one that performs with all the above-mentioned services along with SharePoint Online, Yandex Disk, and pCloud. This file storage app work as a cloud storage manager.

Autosync forces complete two-ways syncing between smartphone and cloud storage (in some situations one if the user prefers) and the user can maintain it to sync at customizable intervals. That is how all it happens but it is splendid if the user wants copies of all data of your devices.  

  • Box:

Box.com is an entrepreneur in the world of cloud storage.  There is a collection of file management apps and some used Box integration as well and that sounds nice. Newcomers can sign up for a personal account and get free 10 GB storage on the other hand user has to pay $10 per month to get 100GB.

It has different price rates for business ranges in this case users have to pay $5-$15 per month to unlock more features. Box execute quite well and it emphasizes management and simplicity. It is somehow expensive than other so individual keep that in mind.

  • DropBox:

This simple yet effective application is freely available on Android and iOS. It allows the user to save documents, pictures, videos, and many other files. Dropbox allows complete access to your documents even if you are not connected to the internet.

Undoubtedly, it is a more reliable, secure data storage solution. Moreover, it facilitates you to produce a public folder and links can be shared with others. Basic features of Dropbox is synchronization, PowerPoint and word file, sharing and editing Excel and making it more user-friendly to get access and edit files on the go.

It facilitates you to free sign up and can store 2 GB of data. The paid version costs $9.99 monthly with ITB of storage. If you require more than ITB storage one can easily go with a business plan.  One can get the reward of extra storage by referring it to friends and family.

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