Fees for Australia PR visa to increase from 1st July

Won likely to become the Foreign Affairs minister of this country

Immigrants in Australia are getting their own fair share of popularity in this country. The recent example of such kind of popularity is the gay Malaysian immigrant Penny Ying-Yen Won. She was given the appointment as the main speaker on climate almost 12 years earlier by Kevin Rudd. There was a lot of opposition regarding this decision because Won was born in Malaysia and later immigrated to Australia. Now chances are there that Wong would become a minister of Australia soon.

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The Labor party of Australia is likely to win elections. But Wong now takes care of the Foreign Affairs portfolio of this party now in opposition. She heads the opposition party now.

In case, the Labor Party wins elections, Wong would end up becoming the foreign minister of this country. Bill Shorten would end up becoming the Prime Minister of this country. Wong was born in Malaysia and hence came to Australia when she was just eight. She has always tried to move attention away from her controversial background. Wong has declared that as soon as she becomes the foreign minister, she is likely to go to Malaysia and Indonesia for having better relations with them.

Changes in Australia visa policy after Labor party comes to power

Australia is known to have a friendly approach to immigrants. It is better to immigrate to Australia when you are less than  33 years of age but as old as 25. This way you can get the maximum points of up to 30. Australia values immigrants who are young because of their high productivity.

Since Australia has increased the point requirement, it is better to be prepared better. You can make sure that this requirement is completed by having a nice IELTS exam score. You must aim for a score of 8 for each of the 4 bands to be able to get the highest maximum score of 20 points.

Speed up the application process because application fee will increase

The applicants should now rush with their applications because the Australia PR fee is likely to increase by 5.4% from 1st July. Currently, the fees are at 3,755 AUD. After an increase, it would become 3957.77 AUD. So, the candidates if applying now can expect a lower fee after getting notification of interest. On 18th May, elections will take place in Australia. So, policies can change after that.

Labor party has declared that there will be strict rules for the visas.

The Labor party has promised a visa crackdown as per which the skilled visas will be reduced to those areas which have a great visa shortage. So, a situation like your occupation getting removed from the STSOL(Short term skilled occupation list) can take place. They will also tighten the leash on the skill assessment and the licenses required for work. So, before such changes are made, it’s the best time to apply for a skilled worker visa(190 visa) for  which this list is eligible.


The states would also be releasing the MLTSSL(medium and long term strategic skills list) which is going to become applicable from 1st July. Despite the changes in these lists, you might be still applicable to get the invite as per these lists. Nile Migration can help you with the 189 visa(for which MLTSSL lists are used), so take their help before it is too late.

So, it’s the best time to apply for Australia immigration before the fee increases.

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