Emerging Trends at NetBase Quid Provide Business Executives And Marketing Professionals With the Ability to See The Future

Emerging trends provide fascinating insights into what consumers are up to, why they’re doing it, what causes them to engage with and buy new brands, and what their digital behavior says about what they really think about a brand’s message and its image.

Emerging trends are based on consumer and market research that captures actions (from web searches, to personal communication, to social media activity), product/service usage (from page views, app downloads, to phone calls, etc.), and more. The insights discovered are real-time and always available.

Why isn’t the Work Stored in Your Head?

NetBase Quid’s work is stored in the cloud, meaning you can access the same report from your desktop, tablet, and phone. If you’re not analyzing the hot topics or identifying trends, you are going to fall behind in the marketplace. NetBase Quid understands how to perform in the marketplace and use a solid method for aggregating information.

How to Use NetBase Quid: How to Engage

The NetBase Quid social web-based platform gives marketers and researchers the capability to measure consumer intelligence using a unique methodology.

NetBase Quid makes sharing intelligence easy through simple, collaborative social web-based collaboration tools.

The NetBase Quid platform is connected to its growing family of products. The QuidChats modules connect with each other, as well as to NetBase Text Messages, the NetBase Coupons and awards program, and the NetBase Quid demo videos. NetBase Quid provides:

  • The best of the best: Analytical capabilities and professional design
  • Categorization and segmentation
  • Targeted demographics
  • Parental and geographic targeting
  • Aggregation and correlation

Open Source Platform

The NetBase Quid platform collects anonymized consumer and market data from the Internet and is designed to combine this intelligence with historical insight and demographic data to forecast industry trends. For example, information sourced from Twitter, Instagram, and web searches about bitcoin and VR can show how a particular trending topic will affect or be affected by other factors such as global economic growth, politics, and technology.

Why was the decision to launch the NetBase Quid brand?

Emerging trends serves as a solution for every consumer and market intelligence need and will meet every industry need. The new product will differentiate NetBase Quid from the multitude of other consumer intelligence platforms on the market and will help turn traditional consumer insight efforts into real business value.

This allows brands to gain unprecedented insights into what people are really interested in buying and consuming today, and gives them the ability to engage and target them in a never before possible fashion.

Seeing the Future

When it comes to emerging trends, NetBase Quid provides business executives and marketing professionals with the ability to see the future and to spot compelling trends that drive decision making and accelerate success. They believe that marketing intelligence has never been more relevant as companies struggle to innovate and compete. They make information accessible to every decision maker, every day, on the go.

NetBase Quid is an easy-to-read dashboard that includes industry trends, regional insights, country-level analysis, business intelligence, and consumer-focused dashboard-like charts and maps. Its modern design provides a simple and intuitive interface for exploration. It’s time to look beyond what happened, in the past, and with a forecast of what might be ahead. What’s happening now that you may not see? Emerging trends are the critical, often under-reported trends that are quickly changing the game and can play a decisive role in your company’s market strategy. Choose the platform due to the following:

In order to keep up with the evolving media landscape and be aware of trends in the economy and corporate environments, Quid Core allows companies to pull news feeds from a variety of top social platforms including Buzzfeed, Twitter, Instagram, and Tumblr to surface relevant trends. Using Quid Core, you can create a meaningful profile based on your company’s current and desired audience.

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