Dressing With Modesty: Pro Tips To Pick The Right Abayas

Women’s clothes are versatile. While culture is one major factor why there is variety, every dressing type has always been distinctive. Some even leave people inquisitive. An abaya, which is a unique Islamic outfit, is seen worn and adored by Muslim women across the world. It also has other names, which include burqa, chador, etc. Burqas, today, come in a wide range of styles and colours. While many women try to make this long-robe covering fashionable, modesty is often believed to be the key here! Burqas go with a complementary hijab, which is the head covering. Choosing the right burqa can be challenging unless you consider the vital factors.

Ways to never go wrong with an abaya

Shopping for the most appropriate burqa may seem tricky as you need to ensure that it is modest enough yet suits you the right way. Choosing an appropriate hijab is another task. Most women prefer going with solid colours as a part of their daily wear wardrobe. However, slightly worked or designed burqas are for occasions like a wedding. A bride may need one too! If you have been going wrong with your burqa choices all these days, here are three pro tips,

1. Analyse the shape/size

Your body shape can remarkably influence how you will ultimately look in a burqa or any other dress. Though burqas tend to be mildly loose-fitting with a flowy robe, you might have to consider the size and the shape to pick the most appropriate one. With burqas, you will find different styles and shapes. For instance, an umbrella flare burqa will best suit women with a pear-shaped or rectangular body. If you have a flawless hourglass body shape, never pick body-fitting or tight burqas. Instead, burqas with a flowy or wide bottom can look the best on you.

Coming to the size factor, you need to have your dimensions measured and jotted down before you go shopping for a burqa. Specifically, you need to use soft tape to estimate the size of your bust, waist and hip. You might also have to consider the sleeve length. Sleeves that are long and extend beyond your hand can seem absurd. Your burqa’s sleeves must end at the wrist. No more or less. Correspond the measurements with the size chart on the product to ensure you pick your accurate size. In case you do not find the apt size, it is always better to size up.

2. The length matters!

While many women believe a sweeping abaya to be fashionable, it is always preferable to choose the right length. On that note, you will also have to measure your height to land on the perfect length with your burqa. The thumb rule is not to go short with a burqa (it must cover the ankle) or go too flowy. However, try adding a few centimetres from your measured length. It’s because you might flip between a pair of shoes and wedges and, you will need your burqa to be just right in size anytime!

3. Consider the fabric

Finding the appropriate fabric is another way to ensure you can stay wholly comfortable in your burqa all day. The type of material you need to choose fairly depends on when and how you will use your burqa. For instance, if you are shopping for an everyday wear burqa, breathable, moisture-wicking, and soft fabrics like cotton and rayon are the best bet. However, if you fancy a worked, slightly heavy burqa for an event, you can pick crepe, georgette or denim burqas. Jersey burqas can be another good choice as they do not require too much pressing and care to look perfect (jersey burqas are wrinkle-resistant).

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