4 Different Sauces You Can Try with Pizza

The Italian-based food item, with a remarkable taste, Pizza has earned a great reputation among the fast food items. Usually, it is considered as the identity of fast food, as no discussion about fast food can be completed without discussing the pizza. Pizza lovers are present in every corner of the world. The popularity of pizza can be imagined by the fact that about 98 percent of the population of the United States likes pizza. However, the main thing is that it is not American in origin, so you cannot relate its popularity with some specific regions.

The main thing behind pizza’s popularity is its versatility. You can make pizza using any ingredient. The only thing you need is the dough to make pizza crust and other ingredients can be of your choice or depending upon the available things. You can use any vegetable, any sort of meat along with a variety of sauces including garlic sauce, chili sauce, white sauce, etc.

Along with a variety of ingredients, the main thing that doubles the fun of eating pizza is the dipping sauce. A pizza lover can easily describe the importance of sauce for a pizza. These two things are considered as compulsory or mandatory for each other. Eating a pizza without a sauce does not taste better and pizza lovers consider it just eating pizza without enjoying a single bite of it. Like ingredients of pizza, sauces used with them are also available in a large variety.

Following are some top sauces everyone must try with pizza.


Present in almost every home and quite easy to make at home using some basic ingredients, mayonnaise is one of the best dipping sauces in the world. However, never confuse mayonnaise with white sauce. It tastes great when used in any of the fast-food items and is one of the major ingredients of the pizza along with cheese to make it soft and juicy.

So if you don’t have any sauce to dip pizza in, simply open the bucket of your kitchen and bring the mayonnaise out to explore a new world of pizza tastes. You can use different flavors of mayonnaise-like garlic sauce, chicken, or chili flavored mayonnaise as well according to your choice.

Tomato Ketchup

How can you keep the ketchup aside while discussing dipping sauces? No matter if it is a portion of fast food, some traditional dishes, or some snacks, ketchup is the ultimate dipping sauce that can be used everywhere. About 97 percent of the houses in the United States have Ketchup and it is a common thing that could be found on the dining table of every home.

With this level of popularity and link with fast food, ketchup is being the ultimate and most common dipping sauce used with pizzas. No matter what type of pizza you are eating, whether it is vegetarian or non-vegetarian, spicy or creamy, ketchup is the first and finest option for dipping your slice in it. The tangy and sweet flavor of ketchup is the perfect match for pizza.


This name might blow your mind and you might wonder what’s the purpose of a pure sweet item with fast food, well known for its spicy tastes. The chili flakes mixed honey sauce is a commonly used dipping sauce with pizza. However, trying pure honey will blow your mind as this is a great and flavorful combination and you might wonder why you have not tried this before. Spice mixed honey sauce or simple honey can be used with a variety of pizzas.

Peri Peri Sauce

If you are a spice lover and want your pizza with the next level of chilies, then peri peri sauce is your ultimate pick as a dipping sauce with any type of pizza. Ordering a spicy pizza and using this as a dipping sauce is the perfect choice for those who want to explore a new flavor of chilies. This is definitely going to burn your mouth. However, if your pizza is cheese rich and it contains fewer chilies, then this sauce is a perfect thing to enhance the new taste.

Whenever you are going to eat pizza or make it at your home, you must try it with any of the above sauces.

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