Complete Guide To Two And Four-Hole Beads Jewelry

Two-hole and four-hole beads leave every kind of jewelry-making possibility. Whether you’re interested in dimensional bead weaving or want to challenge yourself in your stringing projects, these beads bring a unique style to beads jewelry designs. 

We’ll show you all of the various varieties of multi-hole beads available at, besides jewelry inspiration from our Design Studio. Don’t forget to enter our giveaway to win a number of our favorite two-hole and four-hole beads.

Superduo Beads

SuperDuo Beads are two-hole beads that feature a pinched round shape. When used together, they nest over beautifully, allowing for all kinds of bead weaving possibilities. They fill in gaps nicely, join up well, and can indeed help you produce flowery patterns in designs. 

Use them in multi-strand designs for sweet, various accentuations. Combine these two-hole globules with other Czech glass beads and seed beads for a round shape masterpiece. You can also use MiniDuo Beads. They’re the same shape as SuperDuos, just lower in size.

Czechmates System

CzechMates offers 2 options: 

  • Two-hole, and
  • Four-hole Czech glass beads. 

These beads look beautiful together, giving you textural and sculptural possibilities. Designed by Nichole Starman, CzechMates options include Brick, Lentil, Tile, QuadraTile, QuadraLentil, Bar, Dagger, Triangle, Crescent Beads, and more. They’re popular choices for bead weaving and threading systems, particularly when paired with seed beads.

Par Puca System

The Par Puca system includes crescent-structured Arcos par Puca and triangle-shaped Kheops par Puca beads. The Arcos par Puca beads are usually three-hole beads, while the Kheops are the two-hole beads for jewelry stitching. They really open up different design possibilities in the jewelry designs. They’re sure to add geometric faculty to any jewelry-making design.

Tila System Beads Jewelry

Miyuki Tila and Half Tila Beads are square and cube-shaped glass seed beads. They feature two threading holes and work together to add contemporary faculty to bead weaving and threading designs likewise. These featherlight Japanese seed beads are harmonious in size and shape, so they’re a dream to work with.

Candy Beads Jewelry

These Czech glass Delicacy Beads feature a round shape with two threading holes. They’re slightly domed on the front and flat on the reverse, so they will lay nicely in your designs. They’re an excellent option for bead weaving, threading, and other systems. They pair well with seed beads and other Czech glass knockouts. 

For a deliciously sweet look, add these beads to your designs.

Carrier Beads Jewelry

Carrier Beads are blockish Czech glass beads with two threading holes. They come in two sizes and are perfect for showcasing on their own or you can embellish them with peyote stitch bands that fit around the unique shape of the beads wonderfully. They’re a great match for not only seed beads, but other Czech glass shapes, leather, and more.

Diamonduo & Gemduo Beads Jewelry

DiamonDuo and GemDuo beads are both two-hole diamond-shaped beads with a dimensional front and a flat reverse. While both beads have a domed in the front, the GemDuo beads feature a slightly more rounded design on the front of the bead. Use these beads together for attractive results, as well as pair them with seed beads and other shapes.

Es-O Mini Beads Jewelry

Es-O Mini Beads are indirect in shape with a pinched dimension at the center and two threading holes. When used in bead weaving, the edges of these beads produce a petal-like accentuation. It’s fun to produce eye-catching patterns with these protean beads. They’re small in size, so you can fluently use them with seed beads and other Czech glass elements.

Ginkgo Beads Jewelry

Matubo Ginkgo Leaf Beads are beautiful and attractive two-hole bead jewelry option to create design with. Czech glass beads inspired by the ginkgo splint feature a unique shape. With two holes, this bead gives you endless design possibilities.

Bring the shapes together in designs to create a scale-like pattern, or combine them together with other designs to create more fun shapes. No matter how you wear them, these beads will look amazingly beautiful.

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