Can I post other people’s articles on my blog?

Have you ever come across an article or a blog online in your quest to read more, and it’s stuck with you? Has it stuck with you so much that you copy and paste the information and use it with only a line of credit to the true author? Yep, you wouldn’t be alone, but you’d also be wrong in what you’re doing. Content theft is rife in the blogging world, and you have to realize how bad this is to know that you wouldn’t want it to happen to you.

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As a blogger, you already know that blogging is hard. It’s one of the reasons that so many bloggers go and get some help from blog writing companies to get their content views up. It’s not easy to think of brand new, fresh content all the time that’s worth something to your audience, but taking someone else’s content without permission? That’s not okay in the blogging world!

Property Is Property

Content that is published online and free for all to read still belongs to the person who wrote it, and they deserve the recognition and to have the chance to give you permission to use their blogs. People who post on their own websites aren’t posting it to help you to build a following, but most authors are more than happy to share their words if they know that they will be appropriately credited.

Copying and pasting from someone else’s blog without permission is content theft, and so here are a couple of the golden rules you can follow to remember how to treat other people’s words online:

  • If you want to use a fantastically written blog post, make sure that you provide an internal link to it within your own unique content. Reference and quote, reference and quote. You can recap and discuss articles but keep it all original content. You should also always embed your sources within the post so that others know that the content isn’t yours.
  • If it’s a social media post that’s tickled you or made you nod in agreement, share it on with the original “share” button. You can then instantly credit the author and people know that it’s not yours. The beauty of social media is that you are encouraged to share things. Social media sites have automatic embedding and linking so at the click of a button you can share the source and you’re doing it the right way when you do!
  • If you love a photo another has used, check out whether it’s free on Pexels or other free photo sites first. If it’s not, speak to the owner and ask their permission. You can’t just right click and copy any image; they’re protected by copyright law and rightly so. You wouldn’t want your words taken and passed off as someone else’s, so don’t do it to them.
  • When you come across infographics you love, speak to the creator of the infographic and they will be very likely to share the code of the infographic with you. Infographics can be published on your site this way while still being linked to theirs. Sharing is encouraged with infographics, though, so you can bet that the author is most likely going to be happy to help!

No matter what you do, if you plan to share content and images, always – ALWAYS – link back to the original owner and don’t try to pass the work off as your own. If you can’t find the information for the author or you are unable to contact them about their content, don’t use it and look elsewhere.

The only true way to repost someone else’s article on your blog is to ask. Send a message and ask if they wouldn’t mind you reposting it. Most of the time, an author is happy to help out a fellow blogger. If you don’t ask, you can open yourself up to a world of legal trouble. There is no keyword or SEO benefit to taking someone else’s content and posting it as your own, and if others recognize that it’s not yours, it damages your credibility as an authority in your area.

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The very best content that you can use on your blog is your own. You are a blogger, which means that you already have the gift of getting your thoughts out onto paper (online or not). Expert blog writing companies can help you with unique blog posts and your readers will appreciate it. Even better? The search engines will lap it up and people will be able to find your blog!

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