Can a Hair Mask Actually Boost Hair Growth?

Everyone desires long and healthy hair. It’s the crowning glory, and so people spend a lot of time searching for products that can help them achieve luscious hair. Both men and women have always utilized hair masks of different types to enhance the health of their hair.

The reasons for using it to promote hair growth are valid. They contain ingredients and natural oils that strengthen and nourish hair follicles.

For instance, a hair mask rich in omega-three and B12 can cure premature grey hair and dandruff problems. Many people want to know if the masks available in the market can boost their hair growth. This article will delve into it in more detail.

Why Hair Masks Are Crucial When Trying to Grow Hair?

Hair masks can help immensely in your efforts to grow your hair. When you apply a specific mask, you infuse your hair with proteins and moisture. It, in turn, enhances the integrity and strength of your hair from the roots.

When your hair is healthy with the right amount of moisture, they develop fewer split ends. You don’t need to eliminate split ends by trimming them in frequent time intervals. Thus, your hair becomes fuller, stronger, and longer.

However, although hair masks are beneficial for your hair, it’s important not to over-apply them. Many people apply it very often, which does not yield them any results. You can use a mask once a week to get the desired result.

Which Hair Masks Enhance Hair Growth?

Masks that contain ingredients like coconut, mustard, curry leaves, hibiscus helps to enhance hair growth. Ingredients like coconut oil work wonderfully on dry hair.

Hair growth slows when hair becomes dry from excessive sun exposure or the application of heat. They start looking dull and lifeless. The scalp becomes flaky when it is dry, which, in turn, makes the hair limp and lifeless. It also diminishes hair growth.

Harmful chemicals also dry the scalp and hair. It triggers flakiness that clogs your hair follicles and traps the sebum. All of it significantly negatively affects hair growth.

So, the best way to keep your locks and scalp healthy is to use natural moisturizing products. A hair mask that is enriched with oils like sesame, coconut, mustard, and castor works to reduce problems like balding and hair loss. It also treats the problem of receding hairline.

Frequency of Using Hair Masks According to Hair Type

  • Dry hair – Those with dry hair should use masks that provide reasonable amounts of hydration. They need to use a greater amount of the product to rejuvenate their locks. If you have dry hair, aim to use a mask twice a week.
  • Hair having split ends – If you have hair damaged due to split ends, you should first trim off those ends. Then, use a hydrating mask two times a week.
  • Frizzy hair – When hair cuticles are open, the hair becomes frizzy. It also becomes quite vulnerable to damage. Such people are advised to use a hair mask at least once or twice a week.
  • Oily or fine hair – When you get older, the DHT levels in hair cause the follicles to contract. It leads to hair thinning. People having oily or fine hair are prescribed ultra-hydrating hair masks. These masks should be concentrated on the ends of your strands. Use hair masks only once a week or in two weeks.

Masks for hair, if used rightly, can indeed work wonders for the hair. They give your hair an added shine and bounce that you crave. But do not over-apply them. It’s best to assess your hair type and then use them accordingly.

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