Best SSD For Gaming 2021: Top Solid-State Drives For A Better Gaming Experience

The best SSD for gaming will assist you with exploring your PC expediently and get you into your games at lightning speeds. Fundamentally, an extraordinary SSD will give your whole framework a lift, regardless of you do with it. Regardless of whether that is dragging Windows 11 through hellfire or rapidly getting you into a gigantic game like Deathloop in a negligible part of the time, it took you previously. 

The presentation contrast between an SSD and a standard hard drive is essentially night and day, and the equivalent can be valid between SATA drives and the best PCIe 4.0 SSDs. Unexpectedly everything is in that general area readily available—the dissatisfaction of long boot times will be a relic of times gone by. When you see games like GTA V burden in seconds rather than minutes, it’s absolutely impossible that you can return. 

Every one of the drives you see here has been tried thoroughly through our own benchmarking suite, which incorporates true game stacking tests and engineered speed tests to track down the absolute best SSD for gaming. 

Each will have had a new Windows 10 introduce stacked onto it on the test rig, so we know how they will proceed as your essential drive. We are as yet testing to perceive how these drives work on Windows 11, however, you’ll see our discoveries over the long run. 

Our pick of the top SSDs incorporates both 1TB and 500GB drives on the grounds that more modest SSDs, however less expensive, lose execution. Also, for certain games taking up above and beyond 150GB, a 250GB SSD isn’t cutting it any longer nowadays.

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Buying Basics: Budget Storage SSDs

Is it true that you are a purchaser with fundamental necessities, hoping to update a customary platter hard drive in a PC or work area with something quicker? It’s a protected system, nowadays, to check estimating on ongoing SSD models and pick the most reasonable drive with the limit you really want, from a name brand producer you will entrust with your information. Basic as that. Dissatisfaction will be uncommon, expecting you are moving between various SATA drives. 

Assuming you need to go further, however, to ensure you’re getting the quickest, possibly longest-enduring drive for your financial plan dollar, we’ll detail a significant number of these contemplations beneath, to assist you with settling on the sharpest decision. 

What Form Factor Of SSD Should I Get?

SSDs are presently not just customary 2.5inch drives, a similar size, and shape as the 2.5inch hard drives found in numerous standard PCs. These drives are as yet normal, however, SSDs have been changing shape lately. 

In the event that you have a new thin PC or 2in1, it most likely requires a gum stick-molded M.2 drive. For profound insights concerning those drives and the best models we’ve tried, look at our “other” SSD purchasing guide, The Best M.2 SolidState Drives, for a lot of foundation and counsel on this more current sort of SSD. 

Ongoing ages of work area PCs and motherboards ordinarily have an M.2 drive opening. The M.2 isn’t only a PC. We’ve incorporated our cherished financial plan M.2 SSDs in our item rundown to give you a few “fast pick” rules for this sort of drive. The best M.2 SSD for gaming is the Crucial MX500.

1. SAMSUNG 970 PRO 1TB: Best Hard Drives For Gaming

SAMSUNG 970 PRO 1TB: Best Hard Drives For Gaming

At least one Samsung the best gaming SSD has always tried to make this list. A question arises. If the Samsung 970 EVO can perform almost the same tests as the 970 Pro, why pay extra? Most users don’t need a professional-grade SSD, but if you want the fastest SSD, the 970 Pro is for you. Although it has slightly lower maximum sequential read/write speeds than the 970 EVO,  the 970 Pro outlasts its technically faster sibling. The Pro and EVO come with the same 5-year warranty, but the Pro has an endurance rating of 1200 TB, the 1 TB EVO has 600 TB, and the 500 GB version only has 300 TB. If you’re using equipment that constantly processes large amounts of data, you’ll want to opt for the  970 Pro’s strong locks. It is one of the ​​best hard drives for gaming.

2. The WD BLUE SN550 1TB: The Best Cheap SSD

The WD BLUE SN550 1TB: The Best Cheap SSD

The WD shows you can really have it all, as the Blue SN550 NVMe SSD boasts 1TB of storage, powerful 600TBW endurance, and incredible read and write speeds at the lowest price we’ve seen. It’s certainly not the fastest drive, This makes them ideal for making the cheapest gaming PCs. The clever engineering allows the SanDisk 96L TLC NAND flash package to be moved further away from the onboard controller, allowing all components to flex muscles without sweating, so they run cooler than most others at 59°C. For just 10 cents per gigabyte, you’d be hard-pressed to find another NVMe SSD that could match it at this price point.

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3. Crucial MX500: Best SSD Drive For PC And Console Gaming

Crucial MX500: Best SSD Drive For PC And Console Gaming

The Crucial MX500 is one of the best choices on the market and consistently delivers great performance for  SATA drives at an affordable price. Although the BX500 series drives are cheaper, the MX500 offers better random read/write performance and a higher endurance rating, which may justify a small additional investment. It is also available in two form factors: small, wireless M.2, or standard 2.5 inches. The MX500 can also be used as external storage for game consoles including Xbox Series X/S, PS5, Xbox One, or PS4 by combining it with a SATA to USB cable or enclosure. It is one of the best M.2 SSD and best storage for gaming pc.

4. Samsung 870 Evo: Fastest SATA SSD

Samsung 870 Evo: Fastest SATA SSD

The Samsung 870 Evo is a 3-bit NAND (TLC) alternative to the proprietary QLC (4-bit NAND) 870 Qvo drive. By storing fewer bits per cell compared to previous Qvo drives, the cost per gigabyte is increased, but performance is also improved. This is especially true for the random performance of reading or writing small chunks of data rather than long sequential chunks that feel more like a game than copying a large video file, for example. The recording life is also extended, as evidenced by the 870 Qvo’s 3-year warranty compared to Samsung’s 5-year warranty for the 870 Evo. 

In our tests, the 870 was the fastest SATA drive we tested, beating the Crucial MX500 and Samsung’s own 860 Evo. For this reason, the 870 Evo is an excellent choice if you need more performance and don’t have a high-speed NVMe slot. 

5. Crucial P5 Plus: Best Gaming Pc Hard Drive

Crucial P5 Plus: Best Gaming Pc Hard Drive

Getting an NVMe SSD with the latest PCIe 4.0 technology and some of the fastest transfer speeds doesn’t have to cost a fortune. Nothing proves this point better than the Crucial P5 Plus with its 1TB of storage space and 6,600MB/s sequential read speed. It’s not the fastest drive around, but it’s much faster than PCIe 3.0 drive while costing just slightly more than the most popular options like the Samsung 980 and WD_Black SN750. 

It’s the perfect budget-minded part to go with any affordable gaming PC build if you’ve already limited yourself to an affordable CPU and motherboard combo. It is the best storage for gaming pc. Additionally, Crucial has told us the P5 Plus meets the minimum spec requirements to work with the PS5, so right now it’s the most affordable way of increasing your console’s storage space. 

6. WD Black SN850: Best Internal SSD Hard Drives

WD Black SN850: Best Internal SSD Hard Drives

WD expanded its presence with the WD Black SN850. This SN750 upgrade jumps from PCIe 3.0 to PCIe 4.0 and delivers consistent speeds. Older drives could deliver sequential read speeds of nearly 3500 MB/s, but the SN850 fully doubles that speed to 7000 MB/s. This is accompanied by a write speed of 5300 MB/s. At this speed, it can compete with the new Samsung 980 Pro SSD. The WD Black SN950 uses 96-layer TLC 3D NAND and offers a fairly affordable price for a 1TB drive without sacrificing the lifespan that comes with QLC NAND. Jump right into the incredible speed of the WD Black SN850. All performance metrics will become more important in the future. New consoles will utilize faster storage, so more and more PC ports will depend on  SSD performance. And with Microsoft Direct Storage, which allows data to be moved directly from the SSD to the graphics card, you should ensure that the SSD is not the bottleneck. This drive is also a great upgrade to an internal PS5 solid-state drive with all the speed you need to run PS4 and PS5 games directly rather than the console’s own internal storage. 

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7. Samsung 870 Qvo : Best Gaming Hard Drive SSD

Samsung 870 Qvo : Best Gaming Hard Drive SSD

Actually, there is one SSD that writes faster than the Samsung 860 Evo, and that is the Samsung 870 Qvo. Based on 4-bit MLC VNAND instead of 3-bit MLC like the Evo offering, the 870 Qvo outperforms Samsung’s equivalent Evo drive. Performance is about the same and much cheaper. So, if you want an SSD that’s at least 1TB in size, but don’t want to spend a lot of money (expensive NVMe SSDs or high-capacity SATA drives), then the 870 Qvo is for you. great job. Like the other Samsung drives, the 870 Qvo offers excellent reliability and guaranteed performance, with top-notch random read and write times. Plus, if you have enough money, you can buy a staggering 8TB that you’ve rarely heard of in the SATA industry. It’s still not as cheap as buying a large-capacity hard drive, but it’s the best you can get from an SSD.

8. Crucial X8: SSD Drive For Laptop

Crucial X8: SSD Drive For Laptop

For a long time, the Samsung T5 portable solid-state drive has held the top spot in the world of external solid-state drives, but as this drive slowly comes to an end, the Crucial X8 is the next generation of external solid-state. Instead, it drives purchases. The Crucial X8 not only supports the  USB 3.2 Gen 2 standard, which is faster compared to the T5’s USB 3.1 support but also offers unmatched data transfer speeds, significantly surpassing Samsung’s new T7 Portable SSD. The T7 is still a worthy alternative to the Crucial X8 (especially because the current price seems a bit lower), but for those looking for the best external SSD, the Crucial X8 is no easy feat. RPS Chief Katherine used this same model to get my game setup out of the hardware closet before moving it to a variety of laptops and PCs to test and shove me out of the hardware closet before the door closed. It’s a great drive and reliable everyday work tool when you need to take files with you on the go. When you think of the best SSD for gaming, Crucial X8 is definitely one of them.

9. WD Black AN1500: Best Gaming Drive

WD Black AN1500: Best Gaming Drive

When you think of the best SSD for gaming, expansion cards aren’t the first thing that comes to mind. The WD Black AN1500 is one of the first and best devices of this type on the market, and while the speed is truly astounding, unfortunately, you have to pay for this perk. This is the best gaming SSD on the market for all gamers, but it’s only worth it for true PC gaming enthusiasts. 

Regarding some benchmark metrics, the AnvilPro tool provides sequential 4MB reads and writes for the  AN1500 2TB: 4231MB/s and 3448MB/s respectively. This is much higher than any other SSD (capacity) we have tested. The consecutive 1MB read and write scores on CrystalDiskMark were 6511MB/s and 4412MB/s. 

But on a more practical level,  this was my main SSD for gaming recently and I’m very impressed. Multiplayer games like Valorant and Rainbow Six Siege take very little time to load. The AN1500 variant has enough space to store most games and some. However, knowing how far this price has reached, or the price at which you need to monitor sales, you should be prepared for a blow. 

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10. Samsung 980 Pro: Best Gaming SSD

Samsung 980 Pro: Best Gaming SSD

The Samsung 980 Pro is one of the best 4th Gen best gaming SSD for gaming on the market right now, all the more attractive by the fact that they are sold regularly. The capacity of this particular NVMe drive is up to 2TB, but if you want to work within the 1TB2TB range,  you can’t go wrong with the performance it provides. The highlight of the Samsung 980 Pro NVMe SSD is its Intelligent TurboWrite 2.0 feature, which natively writes more data at significantly faster and more stable speeds than its predecessors (including the 970 Evo Plus). The SSD comes with dedicated software (Samsung Magician) that allows you to track drive health and adjust settings to your liking. This can be especially important if you are not using a heatsink. If you want to lower the core temperature, it is better to use one. It is one of the best SSD for gaming.

How To Choose The Best SSD For Gaming?

Before installing the first solid-state drive, the Windows OS, drivers, games, files, movies, everything was installed on a  1TB drive at 7200rpm. /min It took a long time to boot my computer and when I  finally logged in it took a while before it actually started responding. The problem is with an SSD installed, day and night are different. Migrate my Windows OS, drivers, and favorite games to  SSD, and voila! My computer was much faster. Yes, and if you’re wondering which is the ​​best SSD for gaming, We’d recommend choosing Western Digital or Samsung.

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