20 Best Horror Movies On Netflix To Fill Your Head With Nightmares

New frightening movies are always available around Halloween, but sometimes you just can’t wait that long to get your fear on. There’s just something about the cathartic release of a good jump-scare that nothing else can provide when you’re in the mood. And, whereas new thrillers are often released in theatres at specific seasons of the year, such as late summer, October, and January, best horror movies on Netflix are available all year. So, after snuggling up on the sofa, turn on one of these terrifying streaming horror movies – and hang on to your popcorn with both hands.

From haunted mansions to possessed characters, each of these essential Netflix horror movies contains a horrific twist. Some of your favorite frightening movies are mixed in with some newer material you’ve probably never seen or some you’ve watched but want to see again with your eyes open this time. If you’re concerned about disturbing your neighbors with your frightened screams, or if you’re searching for something to see on family movie night, try viewing one of our best kid-friendly frightening movies instead.

We invite you to use this popular horror movies list as a guide. The lowest-ranked movies are of the “fun-bad” variety flawed,  however without problems fun for one purpose or some other. The highest-ranked paranormal movies are obviously essentials.

Let’s look at the best new horror movies on Netflix.

1. Alive (2020)

Alive (2020)- best horror movies

Alive tops the list of new scary movies on Netflix. Released at the peak of the pandemic, this Korean zombie flick has become a marvel hit on Netflix, however, the reality is that it may have labored even without the “timeliness” of the story of a person caught in his condo for the duration of the apocalypse. Smart and fast-paced, that is a high-quality cutting-edge zombie film that alternates constructing anxiety with smart motion scenes.  It is one of the top horror movies.

2. Apostle (2018)

Look, some other Netflix Original! The Raid director Gareth Edwards’s movements from motion to horror on this slow-burn length piece approximately a person who is going to rescue his sister from a faraway cult. It begins off evolving as something dreamy and frightening. The Wicker Man however finally ends up being something a great deal grosser and darker because it reaches its unforgettable climax. It is one of the best horror movies on Netflix.

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3. Blood Red Sky (2021)

Peri Baumeister’s Blood Red Sky stars Peri Baumeister as Nadja, a mom affected by a debilitating infection journeying aboard in a single day flight from Germany to the USA together along with her 10-year-antique son Elias. Violence descends upon the aircraft whilst a collection of distinctly prepared terrorists overtakes the aircraft with the purpose of ransoming off the passengers as a hostage. 

Things develop ever greater an increasing number of out of hand whilst Nadja, wracked with bloodlust and hunger, well-known shows herself to be a vampire, putting out at her captors in a bid to keep her son, herself, and the relaxation of anyone onboard. While the social remark on the coronary heart of the film’s premise feels anemic, the motion and gore in Blood Red Sky are interesting sufficient to make the idea of “Vampires preventing on an aircraft” an interesting watch. It is one of the best horror movies on Netflix.

4. CAM (2018)

CAM (2018)

Madeline Brewer stars in Daniel Goldhaber’s Cam as Alice, a formidable camgirl attempting desperately to attain the coveted primary spot of the web website online she streams for. After an in particular severe display, she wakes to discover that her account has been taken over through a mysterious doppelganger, one that will apparently visit any and all lengths to gain what Alice herself may want to now no longer. As Alice fights to regain manipulate of her display and divulge the identification of her impersonator, she’ll cope with the effects of her offline and online identities blurring into one. CAM is one of the best horror movies on Netflix.

Cam is a chilling mental horror that leaves the target market questioning at each flip how, if at all, its heroine will manipulate to triumph over and continue to exist the horrors that assail her existence. CAM is the perfect choice for  Halloween movies on Netflix.

5. Army Of The Dead (2021)

It is one of the new horror movies which has done well. Proper across the time that Zack Snyder’s great deal-predicted director’s reduction of Justice League changed into eventually materializing on HBO Max, the director changed into additionally putting in a brand new form of zombie film at Netflix. Having formerly remade George Romero’s Dawn of the Dead as his directorial debut, Snyder conjured a brand new form of zombie film by making it a heist and putting it in Las Vegas. Dave Bautista leads a forged of battle-hardened zombie killers in opposition to greater than sufficient undead monsters to freak you out. 

6. The Conjuring (2013)

The one which commenced it all. It is one of the best horror movies on Netflix.

The Conjuring has spawned an entire galaxy of sequels and spin-offs because it hit theaters in 2013, however, the authentic James Wan-directed supernatural horror movie nevertheless makes an interesting watch in and of itself. Patrick Wilson and Vera Farmiga big name as fictionalized variations of actual-existence paranormal investigators Ed and Lorraine Warren, investigating the Rhode Island domestic that the Perron own circle of relatives has simply moved into and observed full of unexplained phenomena. As a clairvoyant, Lorraine is capable of seeing matters that no different man or woman can, and Wan makes use of this tool to terrifying effect. It is one of the scariest movies on Netflix.

7. The Conjuring 2 (2016)

The Conjuring 2 (2016)

If The Conjuring makes you need to observe greater films like it (and given the plethora of follow-up movies, you wouldn’t be the most effective one so affected) then you’re in success due to the fact the direct sequel is likewise presently streaming on Netflix. The actual-existence Warrens are maximum well-known for investigating the Amityville murders, and the second movie tackles it head-on in a manner that lives as much as preceding cinematic takes at the material. On pinnacle of that, The Conjuring 2 pits the Warrens in opposition to an entirely different case of demonic possession, one which went directly to encourage the 2018 spin-off The Nun. It is one of the best horror movies on Netflix.

8. Peer Street Trilogy (2021)

I cheated a bit here. The Fear Street trilogy is basically a  horror movie trilogy, so I’ve put all three on this one record, but the two fit surprisingly well. After finishing the first recording, there is little chance of stopping there. The same goes for this addictive neon slasher. 

Inspired by Scream, Street of Fear: Part One, we introduce Dinah from Shadyside teenage Ciana Madeira. Samantha Fraser of her lover Olivia Scott Welch has moved to nearby Sunnyside. However, she and her husband are possessed by a curse that has haunted Shadyside for hundreds of years, and now they must work with her friends and family to completely wipe out this city of horrors. The first film is set in the 90s and the sequel goes back to the 70s and 1660s, revealing more and more of Shadyside’s curse. This is one of the trilogy not to be missed and is absolutely one of the best horror movies on Netflix. 

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9. Nightbooks (2021)

Starring Kristen Ritter as a witch named Natasha, Nightbooks tells the story of a  boy named Alex (Winslow Pegley) who has a talent for writing creepy stories. The movie deal with when the elevator in his apartment building takes him to a mysterious floor, Natasha locks him in and demands a new scary story every night. Alex, along with his new girlfriend Yasmin (Lydia Zuwet) must survive this ordeal and ultimately escape from the witch’s grasp. J.A. White’s novel of the same name, Night Books, is scary, yet childish and childish. It is one of the best horror movies on Netflix.

10. His House (2020)

His House (2020)

A refugee couple fleeing war in Sudan face a new evil in British public housing with the debut of up-and-coming director Remy Weeks. Variety Review called Sofé Dirisu and Unmi Mosaku’s performances “excellent”. It is the scariest movie ever.

The duo “brings basic and emotional confidence to the portrayal of a real marriage collapsing in the most surreal  circumstances, and the couple arrives at the newly built Parliament Building with hopeful hearts.” And the ugly house the weary social worker (Matt Smith) showed them inadvertently and wildly is dirty and smelly, with cheap stained walls and light bulb wiring, but they try to stay optimistic. 

11. Malevolent (2018)

If you look at the chronology of major streaming platforms, there are many documentaries documenting the rise and fall of big startups – scammers who finally make money. This premise is in the 2018 Netflix original Malevolent. It is one of the best horror movies on Netflix.

A team of brothers, starring Florence Pugh (Midsummer, Black Widow) and Ben Lloyd Hughes as a supernatural crook duo, are summoned to the haunted mansion to complete the Conartist workflow. for your own business. own. A terrifying haunted house movie that lives comfortably within a set pattern without breaking stereotypes, Malevolent offers a captivating immersion into the world of eerie whispers, stomping doors, and anxiety disorders that turn their backs on our protagonist. 

12. Under The Shadow (2016)

Author and director Babak Anwari’s feature-length debut, elaborately crafted and completely disturbing, blurs the line between supernatural horror and real-world horror found in one of the few films I’ve ever seen. It is one of the best horror movies on Netflix. Narges Rashidi plays Shideh, a medical student who is unable to study because of his involvement in revolutionary politics, set in Tehran during the 1980s urban wars and the horrors of Anwari’s childhood. As her husband leaves for the front line, Shide is tasked with protecting her young daughter Dorsu (Avin Manshadi) while battles and explosions rage around. It’s unlikely that things will get any darker, when Shide and Dorsu are pursued by an evil genie. It is one of the best scary movies on Netflix.

13. Hershey (2016)

Netflix Original Film Hershey is an interesting and effective slasher about a deaf writer (Kate Siegel) who is frightened by a masked invader (John Gallagher Jr.). It is one of the ​​best scary movies.

Silence owes a lot to John Carpenter’s Halloween there are too many of the best horror movies these days and perhaps even more to  Audrey Hepburn Starr of 1967’s Wait For Dark, but with Mike Flanagan’s unwavering leadership and The tension is enough. Let the silence stand on its own. It’s an immersive thriller that really delivers what you want from a movie like this. After the acclaimed mirrored horror film Oculus and Ouija: Origins of Evil’s Outstanding Journey, Flanagan came to the spotlight as a  popular horror force. He also directed Gerald’s gruesome and addictive performance, followed by Shirley Jackson’s The Haunting of the Hill House and the acclaimed Netflix adaptation of the extremely underrated sequel The Shining, Doctor Sleep. It is one of the best Netflix horror movies.

14. Snakes On The Airplane (2006)

Snakes On The Airplane (2006)

You can’t think of a true horror fan until you see the nonsensical cult phenomenon of “Snakes on the Airplane”. It is one of the good scary movies. Talking about the title, not in this movie. . Exactly what is written on the bank. Starring Samuel L. Jackson as Neville Flynn in ‘On This Fucking Plane With These Damn Snakes’, this action movie accompanies FBI agent  Sean Jones (Nathan Phillips) on a plane from Hawaii to Los Angeles, where he will testify against gang boss Eddy Kim. Of course, Eddie has other plans and decides to push Sean away by unpacking a box full of venomous snakes on Sean’s plane. 

Despite a completely implausible script and questionable dialogue, “Snakes in the Airplane” is a banal riot involving people like Bobby Cannavale, Kenan Thompson, Rachel Blanchard, David Kechner, and Elsa Pataky. If you’re looking for something fun with a horror element, Snakes in the Airplane will make you hysterical.

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15. Blood Red Sky (2021)

Not for those who fear flying or for vampires. Blood Red Sky has the same premise as the aforementioned snake in airplanes but turns camp fun into lethal. A serious, delightfully bloody journey, and turning a snake into an equally caustic vampire. This German horror film tells the story of a mysterious woman, Nadia (Perry Barmeister), who is abducted by terrorists on a transatlantic flight to New York. But terrorists should be worried as Nadia uncovers a gruesome secret to protect her young son. She starts the cat-mouse tense game in a pressurized cabin while the clock counts the sunrise.

Inspired by horror hits such as Train to Busan and From Twilight to Dawn, Blood Red Sky, which made it to Netflix’s Top 10 after its release, delivers a claustrophobic thriller set in an enclosed space haunted by vampires, terrorists, and more. Potential plane crash and sunlight. But deep inside is a family drama. It shows what mothers can do to protect their children from harm, even if they include themselves. Baumeister is a star performer here, but she is well supported by Legends of Tomorrow actors Dominic Purcell and Castlevania’s Graham McTavish. 

16. Creep (2014)

Found footage horror may be a dying art form, but Netflix will definitely see one of the few iterations of the genre. It is one of the good horror movies. Mark Duplass as Joseph and director Patrick Bryce as cinematographer Aaron Franklin. Creep is a rare kind of horror movie. Like invitations, Creep takes time to gain traction, but it still leaves a lot of unpleasant impressions during execution time. Duplass marvels as a strange neighborhood, eliciting the perfect blend of comical relief and horror in all his portrayals. Creep leaves viewers guessing from start to finish, and at the very end, the real story comes to life on its most provocative and chaotic dimensions. If the former isn’t enough, Netflix also has a terrifying sequel that gets lost. 

17. Unfriended (2014)

Unfriended (2014)

Similar to the Blair Witch project in 1999, Unfriended in 2014 introduced a new type of film genre: computer screen movies. Reminiscent of the genre of the found frame, the film on the computer screen is shot entirely on a smartphone or desktop computer, with operator action matching the device’s camera, and unfolding in real-time. Unfriended isn’t the first movie to appear on computer screens, but thanks to Universal’s widespread release, it’s one of the most popular movies in the genre. The film follows several high school students on Skype who suspect they are being stalked by a student who has been bullied and committed suicide. While staring at a computer for nearly two hours can seem boring, Unfriended offers some ingenious horror attacks that seem all too familiar to anyone who spends a lot of time on social media. Using a real computer application only increases realism, and the protagonist tends to type something and then delete it before sending a completely different message. Unfriend is unnervingly original and an exciting step into a horror film. 

18. I’m the Beautiful One Who Lives In That  House (2016)

Director Oz Perkins made a name for himself with creepy horror films such as  Daughter in a Black Coat, Gretel and Hansel. I am a pretty being who lives in the house. It goes through the same area but definitely has a  more gothic feel. The movie tells the story of a nurse Lily (Russ Wilson) who takes care of an elderly writer Iris (Paula Prentice) in a haunted house. Perkins is slowly terrifying throughout the film, with cunning directions and haunting ghosts appearing in the corners of his eyes. Ruth Wilson’s sober acting fits perfectly into the tone of the film, where the horror comes quickly and quietly, causing a quiet sigh rather than a scream. While not for everyone, Perkins’ atmospheric horror feel will appeal to fans of intelligent horror games as well as classic horror games like Turn of the Screw. Stylistically impressive and very menacing, I’m Beautiful Thing Living in a House is another successful horror film by Oz Perkins. It is one of the great thriller movies.

19. Babysitter (2017) and Babysitters: The  Killer Queen (2020)

A teenage (Juda Lewis) fantasy about a nanny (Samara Weaving) turns into a nightmare when it turns out that she and her hot friends are indulging in human sacrifice. Director McGee’s awareness of the slasher babysitter is more of a comedy than a horror, and it provides stylishly popping fun. The archetype is inverted, the lines of laughter draw attention to almost every scene, and while our hero tries to learn a lesson, most realities don’t exist. This is foolishly illegal in every sense. When done, move on to the sequel in which  Cole Lewis escapes from another night of iconic chaos. If you hit the play button, please don’t take it too seriously and spoil the good. 

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20. It Comes At Night (2017)

It Comes At Night (2017)

This post-apocalyptic nightmare, the horrors of half-human, and tensions of chaotic emotions repressed in the name of survival make blood bleed through vigilant eyes and cleaved hands. The plot is a blockbuster. Humanity goes back to the era of the American border where all survivors fight to protect their families and themselves, but the drama is Mano Amano. Trapped in a haunted house in the woods, Paul (Joel Edgerton) embraces Will (Christopher Abbott) and his family, who know well that they can threaten their existence. Meanwhile, Paul’s son Trevor suffers from a bloody vision or an infection? Trey Edward Schultz is overseeing all the slow scenes in this psychological thriller, and the less we know, the more confusion seems like a noose around our neck.

Grab The Blanket And Put Out The Lights!

One of the greatest horror films of all time stirs the imagination with its original vanity. They exacerbate paranoia, penetrating the brain. Captivate with iconic images. Most major streaming services take creepy and scary movies seriously, and Netflix is ​​no exception. So turn off the lights, grab a blanket and hug the person closest to you. The list of best horror movies on Netflix is designed to fill your head with nightmares. Have a great time. 

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