A simple guide to remove a stone fireplace surround?


Removing a stone fireplace surround can be a tough job if you don’t know what to do. Hence some people wants to do this all personally. If you know all the stuff and have knowledge then this guide will help you all the necessary steps to complete the job. But if you don’t have any prior knowledge then it’s not for you. You must hire fireplaces repairs specialist. For those who have knowledge and want to DIY here’s a simple guide on how to remove a stone fireplace surround and dispose of it properly.

Shut off Gas

Be sure the gas or electric is shut off, and make sure there are no ashes in the fireplace itself. Also ensure that your tools are ready before beginning any work!

Remove Mantel

The first thing you need to do is take down the mantel from above the fireplace. You may have figured out already why this would be useful, but if not that’s okay, too. Having the mantel out of the way will give you more room to maneuver around and see what needs to happen better than before. When this is done and dusted, you can then continue to the next step.

Remove Brick or Stones

Once that is finished with, it’s time to remove the bricks or stones around where you want to put in the new fireplace. To do this easily, you’ll need a chisel and a hammer. A flat head screwdriver would also come in handy here but isn’t necessary. When all of your stone is out of the way, congratulations! You’ve now removed half of what needs to happen for your new fireplace surround installation.

Repair Existing Holes

If there are any holes left behind by the previous owner(s) who installed it before than what was mentioned above, use some spackle to fill them up so they’re nice and smooth again especially if they were already filled with mortar. If there isn’t, that’s fine too! You can simply leave them alone for now and come back to them later if you’re planning on fixing up the walls more than just installing a nice fireplace surround.

Arrange Enough Material

Now comes the fun part: putting in your new stone or bricks around where the old was! As long as everything matches up, this shouldn’t be too hard of a task at all. Make sure you have plenty of spare mortar laying around so you’ll have some on hand while working on “Lather, rinse, and repeat” style stuff like this .

Clean Mortar

Once everything is put together (and looking great!) it’s time to clean up. Any messes made with dust and such left over from the work you did. Clean up the walls, clean up your mortar (if it got on anything), and clean up any other areas you had to touch while doing this project.

And with everything all nice and cleaned up, enjoy the brand-new look of your fireplace! If there are holes left behind with no spackle around them, feel free to come back. To that step in the instructions when you have more time just so they can be filled nicely. Have fun decorating or remodeling!

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