A “Good” Wireless Mouse

You may have forgotten: you spend hours with the mouse in your hand. Choosing a quality model can increase precision, responsiveness, and even automate common tasks. In this cat and mouse game, the competition between Logitech, Microsoft and others is fierce.

What mouse do you choose? My opinion of the best mouse of the moment.

You will realize how useful it is to use a good wireless mouse when you actually tried one. Inevitably, spending 40 to almost $ 100 on some models seems totally surreal at first, especially when any CPU already has a basic mouse to correct for basic usage. If you get the chance, try comparing the “good” mouse to that of a “basic” mouse. Take note of these features when making a comparison: comfort for hours, responsiveness, sensor monitoring, ability to control the mouse on any surface, multi-speed auto-shift cursor-based applications – choose a model that even ranges means radically change our relationship to the computer. Once you take note of these good wireless mice

What is a “good” wireless mouse? These are the criteria that I think qualify as a “good” mouse.

Ergonomics: manufacturers turn to ergonomists for hand relief. Shapes are studied, refined and optimized for ideal palm and finger placement. Ask yourself. Does this mouse feel comfortable?

Laser sensor: Ideally, use conventional infrared sensors on mouse pads. They can sometimes jump, even if they move only partially. Laser sensors do not have this problem. They follow any movement on the surface: plastic, glass, bookshelf, toilet, spaceship … Choose the laser mouse.

A smart wheel: in Logitech MX and VX they are chosen according to the needs: with or without notch, to scroll faster through a long document. Another alternative: remove the wheel in favor of a sensor field (Genius, NSW, T’nB …), like the iPod …

Resolution up to 2000 cpi (or dpi). The higher you go, the faster the cursor will move on the screen. Bottom line: 800 dpi is sufficient for 19 “or smaller screens, 1200 cpi vs dpi is more comfortable on 22-inch screens, 1600 cpi about 24 inches (the cursor across the monitor is already twice as fast as usual), and 2000 cpi, possibly on dual-screen systems Choose the resolution based on your screen size.

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