6 Ways To Protect Your Skin From Tans And Sunburns

Everyone loves spending time outdoors, especially in Australia, with the warm sunshine and sunny beaches. However, while getting your daily sunlight exposure is beneficial, too much sunlight can damage your skin and have other implications. So while having fun at the beaches or engaging in outdoor sports, one should prepare to battle the blazing sun. Read on to understand the damage that excessive exposure to sunlight can cause and a detailed guide to sun protection in Australia.

What Classifies As Excessive Exposure To Sunlight?

Healthy levels of exposure to sunlight are limited to 30-60 minutes each day. Beach vacations and sports practices exceed this limit.

Some even spend hours on end under the sun, and this can damage their skin. In such cases, one should use sunscreen or other protective measures to shield themselves.

Implications of Excessive Sunlight Exposure

UV rays

Sunlight contains UV rays, and as your skin defends itself from these rays, it tans. In addition, a small amount of these UV rays provides one with Vitamin D, which is beneficial. However, excessive exposure can cause skin cell changes. These changes can lead to mole formations that can result in cancer later.

Lowered Immunity

As skin cells get damaged under the sunlight, the white blood cells remove dead cells internally and replace them. Unfortunately, this recovery processive is energy expensive and can distract the immune system from defending you against other diseases.

Early Aging

Many are conscious about their skin health and appearance. However, extended exposure to sunlight can hasten the ageing process and leave one’s skin wrinkled with fine lines and dark spots.

Skin Cancer

UV rays can be harmful by inducing mutations during extended exposure. While not as harsh as other electromagnetic waves, it does visible damage. This exposure can lead to the development of skin cancer. While skin cancer is not as terminal as alternate cancers and is treatable, it can spread if left untreated.

A Guide To Sun Protection in Australia

Sun protection in Australia are unapologetic, and one should always have extra protection against it.

Plan Out Sun Exposure

While heading out without any preparation, make sure to time yourself. Keep your exposure to the sunlight limited to 2-3 hours at most.

Use Sunscreen

While purchasing sunscreen, pay attention to the SPF. The higher the SPF, the more efficient a sunscreen is. Remember to apply it at least 30 minutes before exposure for the most protection. This period gives the skin sufficient time to absorb the product. Do not forget to reapply after swimming or excessive sweating, as this may wash the product off.

Sun Protection Sleeves

The arms and legs are areas that receive the most exposure to sunlight. Purchasing protection sleeves can keep the skin from absorbing too much sunlight and provide additional protection against the sun.

Take breaks

While on the beach or a court, one doesn’t receive much respite from the sun. Remember to take well-spaced breaks from the sunlight.


Excessive exposure to the sun leaves one feeling dehydrated and exhausted. Remember to carry a large bottle of water to stay hydrated. This activity helps avoid sunstrokes and gives you the energy to withstand the harsh sun while keeping your skin supple.


Some medicines make a person more sensitive to sunlight exposure. These substances include antibiotics and specific birth-control pills. Always consult a medical professional before a long, sun-filled vacation.

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